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Iowa: Award Highlights

See what exciting research and education has been funded by NSF in each state or U.S. territory.  Award Highlights provide a snapshot about select NSF awards and their impacts.

18 Award Highlights found :: Iowa

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a student and researcher work together to produce raw materials for tactile paper

Tactile displays increase STEM access for the blind and visually impaired

Device designed by a team of students converts both graphics and text into Braille...

Research Areas: Engineering, Education

researchers measure sound levels to document wind turbine noise

The impact of wind turbines on microclimates around crops

Researchers discover turbines act like giant fans, altering temperature and turbulence ...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

a teacher helps a child learn to read

Variety helps students learn to read

Phonics rules understood more quickly when multiple consonant contexts are used...

Research Areas: People & Society

illustration of the veritas observatory detecting crab pulsar emission

Detecting Ultrahigh Energy Pulsars

VERITAS observations improve pulsar emission models...

Research Areas: Astronomy & Space, Physics

ceramic changes form as an electric field is applied

Improving Sustainable Energy Storage

Technique reveals how electric fields alter ceramics...

Research Areas: Engineering

Selective passing of desirable molecules through a membrane

Purifying Organic Materials With Reusable Membranes

Recyclable filters reduce costs for water and drug purification...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials, Education

woman working with two children

Helping America's Youth Succeed

Investments in technology for education and training improve student outcomes....

Research Areas: Education, People & Society

Photo of young tomato on vine

Plant Enzymes Could Aid Olefin Production

Biocatalyst could lead to a renewable source of chemical used in industrial manufacturing...

Research Areas: Engineering, Biology, Chemistry & Materials

Students use interactive flow dynamics tools.

Interactive Teaching Tools Help Students Go With the Flow

Affordable system lets students visualize fluid science and engineering....

Research Areas: Education, Engineering, Computing

New Mexico windmills

T-rays take the Pulse of Massive Windmills

Nondestructive evaluation an increasingly popular tool ...

Research Areas: Engineering, Earth & Environment

graduate minor, Iowa State

A Path to Improving Education in Biorenewables

Iowa State's graduate minor degree focuses on renewable resources in the chemical industry...

Research Areas: Engineering, Education

cotton plant

Genetic Studies Show How Humans Shaped Modern Cotton from a Wild Plant

Study makes possible further enhancement of cotton crops ...

Research Areas: Biology, People & Society, Earth & Environment

Artists conception of Algol binary star system with superposed radio image showing large coronal looop structure originating at the cooler (red) star. Credit: Peterson et al., 2010 Nature, 463, 207

Discovery Could Enhance Understanding of Coronal Loops

Using a collection of radio telescopes on two continents, NSF-supported researchers have produced the first images of a coronal loop (strong magnetic fields of hot plasma) around a star other than the Sun....

Research Areas: Astronomy & Space

Image of rock formation

Modeling 3-D Geologic Structures in a Multisensory Virtual Environment

Three-dimensional surfaces form the basis of many geoscientific tasks....

Research Areas: Computing, Earth & Environment

Photo of cave formations

Cave Deposits are Archives of Earth's Past Climate

Studies of cave formations are providing researchers with a stable isotope record that dates back 130,000 years....

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

No image available

Improvement Made to Wireless Networks

Researchers from the University of Iowa are studying how to prevent wireless network performance losses....

Research Areas: Computing

Photo of painted turtle

Biologists Organize Turtle Camp

The Turtle Camp Research and Education in Ecology program, located in Iowa and funded by NSF, allows high-school and undergraduate students to spend several weeks helping scientists study the painted turtle....

Research Areas: Biology, Education

Image Currently Not Available

Rationality and Emotion in Economic Reasoning

NSF economists have concluded that rationality and emotion both influence decision making and should be taken into account when developing economic models....

Research Areas: Biology, People & Society, Mathematics

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