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Washington DC: Award Highlights

See what exciting research and education has been funded by NSF in each state or U.S. territory.  Award Highlights provide a snapshot about select NSF awards and their impacts.

87 Award Highlights found :: Washington DC

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an adaptive optics system captured these supersonic gas bullets in space

Adaptive optics detail the turmoil of a stellar nursery

Technique offers unprecedented clarity and sky coverage ...

Research Areas: Astronomy & Space

the bureau of economic analysis now treats research and development as an investment

U.S. R&D activities as economic investments

Gross domestic product calculations now include R&D...

Research Areas: People & Society

interactions between plant proteins provide a rich resource for new discoveries

Protein 'handshakes' vital to plant survival

Researchers create interactome showing how plant proteins communicate...

Research Areas: Biology

a composite image shows massive young stars in a cluster; surrounding smaller stars may be forming planetary systems

Star birth in Cepheus

Mosaic camera provides critical data to understand the history of star birth...

Research Areas: Astronomy & Space

cash in hand

Corruption's impact on innovation

Study finds corruption can act as a tax against firms striving to innovate...

Research Areas: People & Society

a narrow dust ring surrounds the star fomalhaut

Sensitive ALMA identifies dust ring for newly formed star

Radio array observes debris around nearby star Fomalhaut...

Research Areas: Astronomy & Space

a microquaser in the andromeda galaxy is helping astronomers learn about black holes

The microquasar next door

Astronomers can study how these celestial powerhouses work...

Research Areas: Astronomy & Space

shoulder fossil suggests early humans both walked and climbed

Walking and climbing to survive

Fossilized skeleton reveals early humans engaged in tree climbing even after they could walk...

Research Areas: People & Society

the bubble nebula

Astrophotography gets a boost from the One Degree Imager

Cosmic phenomenon observed with next-generation camera ...

Research Areas: Astronomy & Space

the green bank telescope and some of the molecules it has discovered

Getting a stellar start on life

Discoveries suggest cosmic beginnings for amino acids and DNA ingredients ...

Research Areas: Astronomy & Space

a model of the advanced technology solar telescope

Advanced solar telescope takes shape

Instrument will record detailed solar activity ...

Research Areas: Astronomy & Space

stellar system wise j104915.57-531906.1 contains a pair of brown dwarf stars

Detective work exposes brown dwarf stars

Gemini confirms star system in Earth's solar neighborhood ...

Research Areas: Astronomy & Space

lsst building exterior

Sleek Building Design Sharpens View of Universe

Large Synoptic Survey Telescope will be a truly singular discovery engine...

Research Areas: Astronomy & Space

a scale weighs time versus cost for construction projects

Calculating Construction Costs

Budgeting technique simplifies project management...

Research Areas: Engineering

bering sea

The Past Reveals Big Climate Change on the Bering Sea

The Bering Sea was free of sea ice and warmer about 3 million years ago...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment, Polar

researcher examines agriculture experiment

Community Colleges Support STEM Education

Two-year schools play key role in promoting science, technology, engineering and math careers ...

Research Areas: Education

images from among the 23 quasars alma observed

The Starving Galaxy

ALMA observatory reveals how star-forming galaxies evolve ...

Research Areas: Astronomy & Space

composite image of the dwarf galaxy henize 2-10

Dwarf Galaxy Harbors Supermassive Black Hole

Discovery indicates how black holes and galaxies grew in the early universe ...

Research Areas: Astronomy & Space

alma observed star formation initiated by a collision between two galaxies

ALMA Opens Its Eyes

Millimeter-wavelength telescope offers unprecedented details of celestial objects ...

Research Areas: Astronomy & Space

transient ejection of massive gas bullets by a black hole

When Black Holes Fire Bullets

Powerful outbursts produce as much energy in an hour as the sun emits in five years ...

Research Areas: Astronomy & Space

northeastern university students attend interdisciplinary panel discussion after viewing environmental film

Promoting STEM Learning Through Film

Documentaries on water help undergraduates connect with scientists...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment, Education

second stage of star formation

Witnessing the Birth of New Stars

Astronomers get rare peek at early stage of star formation ...

Research Areas: Astronomy & Space

kanzi a male bonobo

Bonobo Helps Explain Genetic Differences

Bonobo genome provides insight into human evolution...

Research Areas: People & Society, Biology

artist's rendering of the most distant quasar ever found

Brilliant Quasar Lights the Way to Early Universe

Supermassive black hole reveals conditions after the big bang...

Research Areas: Astronomy & Space

Artist's concept of environment around supermassive black hole

Quasar's Jet Can Alter the Evolution of an Entire Galaxy

Energy from a supermassive black hole can alter the evolution of an entire galaxy, possibly ending its growth...

Research Areas: Astronomy & Space, Physics

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