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Marine research vessels provide researchers and educators with cutting-edge capabilities in exploring, analyzing and reporting on the world's oceans and their interactions with the earth and atmosphere.  NSF investments have included building and supporting the operation of vessels for the U.S. academic research fleet; vessels specifically designed to operate in Alaskan, Arctic, and Antarctic waters; ocean drilling vessels; and deep-water submersibles.   

10 Research Assets Found :: Vessels

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Photo of JOIDES ship at night

JOIDES Resolution

The JOIDES Resolution is a seagoing research vessel that drills core samples and collects measurements from under the ocean floor, giving scientists a glimpse into Earths development....

Type: Aircraft & Vessels
underwater vehicle being loaded on ship

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) Sentry

Sentry is a fully autonomous underwater vehicle capable of exploring the ocean down to a depth of 4,500 meters (14,764 feet)....

Type: Aircraft & Vessels
drawing of ARRV

R/V Sikuliaq, the Alaska Region Research Vessel

The R/V Sikuliaq is one of the most advanced research vessels in the world. ...

Type: Research Assets, Aircraft & Vessels
research vessel Wecoma

Research Vessel Wecoma

The Research Vessel Wecoma features specialized oceanographic research equipment including wet and dry labs and an instrument package with cylindrical sampling bottles and instruments for measuring the conductivity, temperature and depth of water....

Type: Aircraft & Vessels
Research vessel Point Sur

Research Vessel Point Sur

The Research Vessel Point Sur conducts marine research primarily within the region of central California, and especially in Monterey Bay at the head of the deep undersea Monterey Canyon....

Type: Aircraft & Vessels
Research vessel Oceanus

Research Vessel Oceanus

The Research Vessel Oceanus features a main lab, wet lab, upper deck lab, is outfitted with three winches and a crane, and is often used for deploying oceanographic buoys and moorings, and for hydrographic surveys....

Type: Aircraft & Vessels
Research vessel Marcus Langseth

Research Vessel Marcus G. Langseth

The Research Vessel Marcus Langseth enables researchers to conduct deep imaging of the earth's structure to better understand processes such as such as the earthquakes and tsunamis that can profoundly affect society....

Type: Aircraft & Vessels
Research vessel Clifford A. Barnes

Research Vessel Clifford A. Barnes

The Research Vessel Clifford Barnes conducts regional research operations primarily in the inland waters of the Puget Sound region and lower British Columbia....

Type: Aircraft & Vessels
Research vessel Cape Hatteras

Research Vessel Cape Hatteras

The Research Vessel Cape Hatteras conducts regional operations, primarily off the coast of North America from Nova Scotia to the Caribbean....

Type: Aircraft & Vessels
research vessel Endeavor

Research Vessel Endeavor

RV Endeavor enables scientists from Rhode Island, the greater U.S., and abroad, to conduct research and train graduate students aboard this multi-disciplinary oceanographic research vessel....

Type: Aircraft & Vessels
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