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Digital portal provides gateway to Hawaiian Island data

Ecosystem and climate researchers in Hawaii now have an open-access, online tool to aid their research. The Hawaii Geospatial Data Repository (GDR) hosts multiple types of data from the Hawaiian Islands including commonly used state and county geographic information system data, long-term rainfall studies and species diversity profiles.

As data sharing practices become more widely accepted, the repository will allow scientists to access and combine data from multiple sites, facilitating collaboration and speeding research discoveries. The repository will also serve as a trusted knowledge base for community decision-makers involved in regional planning and resource allocation, disaster mitigation and environmental impact. The uniqueness of Hawaii's geography, broad species diversity and unique island ecosystems make the repository data especially valuable.

One of the biggest obstacles facing the scientific community is its ability to effectively communicate with the general public in a form that is both accessible and easily understood. Putting valuable data into the hands of community decision-makers as well as other scientists boosts the impact of the research beyond its original aims. The GDR is poised to become an important resource for the citizens of Hawaii and ecosystem scientists around the globe.

For virtual tours of the repository, visit: The Digital Observation Virtual Exploration site.

Visit online atlases and interactive web maps through the atlas gallery or map gallery


  • an interactive map for the hawaii county food self-sufficiency baseline study
An interactive map for the Hawaii County Food Self-Sufficiency Baseline Study.
EPSCoR CYBER, University of Hawaii at Hilo

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