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Texas: Award Highlights

See what exciting research and education has been funded by NSF in each state or U.S. territory.  Award Highlights provide a snapshot about select NSF awards and their impacts.

95 Award Highlights found :: Texas

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this caribbean clingfish was recently found to be venomous

Tiny Caribbean clingfish carries venom

Uncommon finding suggests need to continue investigating well-studied species ...

Research Areas: Biology

a student and researcher work together to produce raw materials for tactile paper

Tactile displays increase STEM access for the blind and visually impaired

Device designed by a team of students converts both graphics and text into Braille...

Research Areas: Engineering, Education

a wikipedia-based language system provides definitions, synonyms and translations

Wikipedia and the meaning of words

Online encyclopedia used to help computer systems find the meaning of words...

Research Areas: Computing, People & Society

experimental data and a skate park bowl highlight this postcard from sk8lab houston

Science through skateboards

Sk8lab Houston delivers lessons in experimentation and data collection...

Research Areas: Education, Earth & Environment

this chunk of amber is about 20 million years old

Does glass flow over time?

Prehistoric amber reveals the answer...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials

large numbers of indian scientists and engineers are choosing to return to their home country

Why some foreign-born researchers choose to return home

Career growth, cultural and familial connections draw scientists home...

Research Areas: People & Society

a high-school intern hunts for nematode viruses at ladybird johnson wildflower center

High-school students hunt for viruses

Underrepresented students learn about higher education while searching for nematode viruses...

Research Areas: Biology, Education

map shows density of Jewish-designated ghetto houses in budapest 1944

Understanding the spatial dimensions of the Holocaust

Maps created from geographic information systems show movement of Jews in Nazi-controlled Budapest...

Research Areas: People & Society

unequal wages may diminish employee effort

Wage differences discourage employees and inhibit effort

Research findings may improve worker output and well-being...

Research Areas: People & Society

a metamaterial can render 3-d objects invisible

Engineering a 3-D invisibility cloak

Cloaking device uses metamaterials that bend radio waves around an object...

Research Areas: Engineering, Chemistry & Materials

the bacterium bacillus subtilis prepares for survival in hard times

A survival plan for bacteria

Sophisticated strategy prepares bacteria for catastrophic events...

Research Areas: Biology

the stampede supercomputer is one of the most powerful in the world

Stampede expands NSF's supercomputing power

Petascale computer accelerates study of scientific and engineering challenges...

Research Areas: Computing

an ethnobotany class performs a chemistry experiment with plants

Strengthening ethnobiology studies

Open Science Network fosters scientific rigor and curriculum standards...

Research Areas: Biology, Education

rifts and surface crevasses near pine island glacier's grounding line

West Antarctic ice shelves slip-sliding away

Ice shelves are losing their grip and could amplify ice loss to the sea...

Research Areas: Polar

the university of texas at pan american prem team

PREM Encourages STEM Students

Partnership program supports minority participation in materials science...

Research Areas: Education, Chemistry & Materials

cultured cortical neurons and their potentials

Monitoring Brain Activity With Flexible Arrays

Low-cost, multi-electrode arrays help neuroscientists study the electrical functions of cells...

Research Areas: Engineering

nanoparticles can transport critical molecules to treat lung cancer

Nanoparticles May Deliver New Lung Cancer Treatments

Students advance use of nanoparticles for pulmonary drug delivery...

Research Areas: Engineering

coconut fibers

Of Cars and Coconuts

Coconut fiber available for automotive materials...

Research Areas: Engineering

tiny carbonate shells dissolve at the ocean's carbonate compensation depth

Warm Eocene Seas Point to High Carbon Dioxide Levels

Study reaffirms carbon dioxide's role in controlling climate ...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

zebra finches are often used to study mechanisms of vocal learning

Why Does the Songbird Sing?

The songbird's brain shows changes after exposure to stimuli ...

Research Areas: Biology

high-speed video stills show multiple strokes from one lightning flash hitting the ground

Lightning Can Strike the Same Time

High-speed video records unique phenomenon ...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

computer simulation produced a biped robot with knees and a torso

Helping Robots Walk A Fine Line

Robots move more smoothly when they conserve energy...

Research Areas: Engineering

biofuel droplets

Boosting Biodiesel Production

Fiber reactor offers ultra-efficient processing of vegetable oils...

Research Areas: Engineering, Earth & Environment

a color map shows the relative strength of blood supply to areas of the hand

Seeing Wounds Hidden Beneath the Skin

Mobile imaging system identifies potentially lethal wounds as they begin forming...

Research Areas: Engineering

magnetic graphene nanocomposites

Magnetic Material Attracts Pollutants

Novel material removes heavy metals from water...

Research Areas: Engineering, Chemistry & Materials, Nanoscience

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