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Refining biofuel conversion processes

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EFRI-HyBi: Maximizing Conversion of Biomass Carbon to Liquid Fuel  (Purdue University)

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Biofuels such as ethanol, made from corn or sugarcane, provide millions of gallons of fuel for the world's highways. However, more efficient conversion processes would make these fuels more competitive with traditional fossil fuels. 

Now, an interdisciplinary team of scientists and engineers at Purdue University, led by Rakesh Agrawal, has generated state-of-the-art analytical methods to create a more efficient process to transform plant material into biofuels. These methods will determine which conversion processes require improvement or enhancement.

Detailed models produced by the research team will increase carbon capture efficiency so that conversion processes obtain more carbon from every plant. These refinements should also reduce the amount of energy required for conversion.


  • researchers are increasing efficiency of biofuel production
Rakesh Agrawal seeks improved efficiency of biofuel production.
Mark Simons, Purdue University

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