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Pennsylvania: Award Highlights

See what exciting research and education has been funded by NSF in each state or U.S. territory.  Award Highlights provide a snapshot about select NSF awards and their impacts.

110 Award Highlights found :: Pennsylvania

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corn roots

Deeper roots mean more robust corn crops

Robust roots improve corn's drought tolerance and fertilizer efficiency ...

Research Areas: Biology

acid mine drainage seeps into water in cambria, pennsylvania

Recycled crab shells treat acid mine drainage

Chitin combined with calcium carbonate scrubs metal-laden water...

Research Areas: Engineering

nanotubes skewer thin polymer crystals of three different sizes

Repelling water with buckypaper

Enhanced nanotube mat could be used in sensor or electronics applications...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials, Nanoscience

aerial view of northern peat bogs

Northern peatlands hold clues to the global carbon cycle

Carbon transfer in the last decade is larger than the last 7,000 years at five sites...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

bilinguals switch languages with ease

Bilingual benefits: Switching language with ease

Simultaneous activation of two brain regions facilitates switching between languages...

Research Areas: People & Society

keeping a science diary improves student motivation and learning

Science diaries improve student motivation in science

Self-assessments increase interest as well mastery of science concepts...

Research Areas: People & Society, Education

a woman works on a problem-solving task

Reducing the harmful effects of stress on problem-solving

Self-affirmation leads to better problem-solving and more creativity for those under chronic stress...

Research Areas: People & Society

a researcher gently cleans an acrylic painting with a microemulsion

Green cleaning of mid-20th century artwork

Gentle microemulsions restore acrylic paintings to their original form...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials

the sherlock supercomputer

Sherlock unravels complex networks of data

Specialized computer simultaneously analyzes large chunks of information ...

Research Areas: Computing

illustration of a hypothetical placental ancestor, a small insect-eating animal

Tracing the history of placental mammals

Analysis of DNA and physical traits places species diversification after dinosaur extinction ...

Research Areas: Biology

a patient-specific geometric model and mesh of human veins with implanted medical device

Virtual human bodies guide vascular therapy

Patient-specific models test medical device effectiveness...

Research Areas: Computing, Engineering

2012 tecbio reu @ pitt students

Of lab rats and computer mice

TECBio provides pathway to computational biology research opportunities...

Research Areas: Biology, Education

the pathway between the pancreas and brain: the intrapancreative ganglion receives vagal motor fibers

Connecting the brain and the pancreas

Scientists identify neuron groups responsible for specific pancreatic functions...

Research Areas: Biology

led-based system helps pinpoint a targets position

The LiFi Revolution

LED lights point shoppers in the right direction...

Research Areas: Engineering

the soft arm robot gently interacts with humans

Giving Robots a Soft Touch

Inflatable robot arm makes physical interaction with humans possible...

Research Areas: Engineering

environmentally friendly bio-based plastic products and packaging

A New Approach to Plastics

Low-cost, biodegradable substitutes for disposable plastics...

Research Areas: Engineering

noble metal oxide electrocatalyst shows smooth mud crack structure for optimal performance

Reducing the Cost of Hydrogen Production

Novel catalyst uses less expensive materials to boost hydrogen production...

Research Areas: Engineering

global map showing projected water scarcity in 2025

Predicting Freshwater Consumption

Model predicts use of fresh water in energy-intensive chemical and biofuel processes...

Research Areas: Engineering

a glanville fritillary butterfly

Butterflies, Genetics and Aerobic Activity

Study shows genetic variations affect aerobic capacity...

Research Areas: Biology

user tests a robotic arm system by playing video game

Stroke Survivors Game Their Way Toward Independence

Student-developed video game helps patients maintain therapy regime ...

Research Areas: Engineering

Large colony of king penguins

How Do King Penguins Navigate in Extremely Crowded Environments?

As young as the age of 10 months, king penguin chicks can return to their exact place in the colony even if displaced by a half kilometre...

Research Areas: Biology

a sample screen from quantum's braille tutor

Braille Learning on Demand

Artificial intelligence software helps the blind and visually impaired learn Braille...

Research Areas: Engineering, Computing

pre-kindergartners visit a school bus

The Impact of Parent Education Programs on Latino Families

Families benefit from programs that are sensitive to cultural beliefs ...

Research Areas: Education, People & Society

a simulation of protein folding on a ribosome

Betting on Protein Folding

Theoretical modeling offers new insights into protein synthesis and self-assembly inside cells...

Research Areas: Biology

chaperone trigger factor binds to a ribosome during protein synthesis

Modeling the Trigger Factor Molecule

Simulations identify molecular mechanisms cells use to help proteins fold...

Research Areas: Biology

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