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NSF Award Highlights

the schematic shows how a dynamic material can catch and release cancer cells

Detecting cancer with programmable materials

Nucleic acid technologies separate diseased cells from normal cells ...

Research Areas: Engineering

graphic shows the many applications of TBS in drug development

Chemical reagent speeds drug synthesis

Efficient, reliable synthesis of TBS aids multiple industries...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials

a wildfire at its height

Fanning the flames of extreme wildfires

Settlers in the western U.S. altered a long-term relationship between climate and wildfires ...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

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NSF Local Research Assets

Image from an NSF Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC).

Center for Research on Interface Structures & Phenomena

CRISP research focuses on complex oxide interfaces and the wealth of new science and new applications they offer....

Type: Program Centers

Images from NSF-funded Industry/University Cooperative Research Centers.

Center for Fuel Cells

The Center for Fuel Cells focuses its research, nationally and internationally, on increasing the commercialization of an environmentally friendly technology that encourages independence from foreign oil....

Type: Program Centers

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