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Wood-based Composites Center

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I/UCRC CGI: Collaborative Research: Wood-Based Composites Center  (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)

I/UCRC CGI: Collaborative Research: Wood-Based Composites Center  (Oregon State University)

Research Focus & Anticipated Benefits

By advancing the science and technology of wood-based composite materials, the Wood-based Composites Center promotes strategies for carbon sequestration and reduced energy consumption. Wood-based composites encompass a range of engineered wood products from fiberboard to laminated beams.

The center’s research agenda reflects industry priorities, focusing on topics such as long-term durability, green building, adhesion and the molecular structure and organization of wood and other forms of biomass.

Always a critical human resource, wood and wood products become even more important as the world seeks viable alternatives to fossil fuels and Earth-friendly strategies for carbon sequestration. The processing of wood products requires less fossil fuel than the processing of competing materials. Wise timber management, accelerated reforestation and afforestation, and the transfer of carbon to durable wood products play an essential role in CO2 reduction and energy conservation. In turn, the science and technology of wood-based composite materials is central to the efficient utilization of timber resources.

The center supports the wood composites industry through fundamental research and graduate student education at Virginia Tech, which is the lead institution, as well as Oregon State University, the University of British Columbia and the University of Maine.

Education & Outreach

The center strives to attract students to careers in the wood-based composites and adhesion industries and provides opportunities for intellectual exchange and interaction among those interested in the manufacture and performance of wood composites, materials science and adhesion.

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  • photo of oriented strand board before it is pressed
Production of oriented strand board, a wood-based composite product used in construction and furniture.