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Alabama: Award Highlights

See what exciting research and education has been funded by NSF in each state or U.S. territory.  Award Highlights provide a snapshot about select NSF awards and their impacts.

22 Award Highlights found :: Alabama

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optical imaging reveals bioluminescent signals in a specimen

Optical imaging advances nanomaterials and nanotherapeutics

3-D quantitative imaging will provide data on the safety of novel nanomaterials ...

Research Areas: Engineering, Nanoscience

students assemble sensors

Testing athletic sensor systems

High-school interns track impact of equipment on athletes ...

Research Areas: Education, Engineering

sulfur-containing compounds act as binding agents for heavy metals and can help protect the environment

Chemosensors for environmental pollutants

Selective sensors seek out heavy metals...

Research Areas: Engineering

to fabricate biodegradable polymers, calcium carbonate nanoparticles from eggshells offer an alternative to fillers derived from rocks

Polymers based on eggshells

Crystalline nanoparticles enhance fabrication of biodegradable materials ...

Research Areas: Nanoscience, Chemistry & Materials

students work on bamboo lighting for alabama epscor project

Empowering small towns one light at a time

Alabama EPSCoR program produces LED-powered bamboo lamps ...

Research Areas: Engineering

tar balls at an alabama marsh ecosystem

Improving Crude Oil Cleanup

Oil-hungry microbes get a boost from organic marine matter...

Research Areas: Engineering, Earth & Environment

fluorescent image of a pancreatic islet

Measuring Hormones Drop by Drop

Simplified methods track low levels of hormones and proteins in small volumes ...

Research Areas: Engineering

students visit the tuskegee airmen museum

Flying High With Math and Science

Flight simulator demonstrates links between math, science and the real world...

Research Areas: Education

actigraph watches monitor children's movement and sleep

The Critical Need for Sleep

Children in poverty are especially vulnerable to effects of sleep deprivation...

Research Areas: People & Society

bullet and gunpowder

Strategies for Reducing International Conflict

Research may help defuse emerging discord and encourage peaceful relations....

Research Areas: People & Society

metal alloy

Helping Metals Remember Their Shape

Process returns metals to their original form after alloying and extends their use....

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials, Engineering

Scientists ready a marine ecosystem experiment

Antarctic Kelp Forests Maintain Chemical Defense System

Researchers discover ecological diversity among kelp community....

Research Areas: Biology, Polar

shark outline

How Do Fast-moving Sharks Propel Themselves and Turn?

Skin and denticles of sharks represent over 400 million years of natural selection for swimming efficiency...

Research Areas: Engineering, Biology

Image of hydrogen

Researchers Develop New Hydrogen Fuel Containers

Researchers at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, are investigating a cost-effective manufacturing technique for materials used in containers that transport and store hydrogen fuel....

Research Areas: Engineering

Image of metal

Improved Metal Catalysis

Heath Turner of the University of Alabama is investigating metal-carbon interactions, which are important for understanding metal catalysis....

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials

Image of students in a lab

Broadening Participation Through Community College Partnerships

Community colleges play an integral role in helping to educate a highly skilled and diverse workforce to advance U.S. competitiveness and innovation on a global scale....

Research Areas: Education

Photo of flooding near the Upper Mississippi River

International Panel Evaluates Possible Sea-level Rise Danger Areas

The International Panel on Climate Change has proposed three scenarios of sea-level rise in the next century that vary between 15 cm to nearly a meter of water rise....

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

Photo of shark

Shark Skin Study Uncovers Unique Way to Reduce Drag

Inspired by biology, University of Alabama researchers used advanced methods to reproduce the minute geometric properties of shark skin and discovered how water flows over it....

Research Areas: Biology, Engineering


Teacher-child Relationships Affect Cortisol Levels in Preschool Children

Jacquelyn Mize of Auburn University has been trying to identify factors that predict which children experience atypical cortisol patterns in childcare....

Research Areas: Education, Biology, People & Society, Chemistry & Materials

Photo of test tubes

Enhancement of Chemical Education at Oakwood College

Oakwood College is working to improve and strengthen its chemistry program to meet American Chemical Society (ACS) certification requirements....

Research Areas: Education, Chemistry & Materials

No image available

Flight Simulator Environment Engages Students in Interdisciplinary Research at Tuskegee University

Researchers at Tuskegee University have developed a flight simulator environment to engage students in research and learning on training novice pilots. Students from aerospace science, engineering and psychology programs work together on research....

Research Areas: Education, Engineering, People & Society

Image Currently Not Available

Polymer and Nanoscience Outreach Program for K-12 Students

The program, Science on Sundays, offers the opportunity for students to learn about synthesis, properties and environmental issues of polymeric molecules through hands-on activities and experiments....

Research Areas: Nanoscience, Education

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