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NSF Award Highlights

kudzu plants

Kudzu kicks up the current

Thin films made of kudzu show promise as alternative energy source ...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

pillar array structure assists with lab-on-a-chip  chemistry

Pillar arrays assist with lab-on-a-chip chemistry

Fluidic structures offer alternatives for point-of-care and biomedical sampling...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials

platinum particles assessed with scanning electrochemical microscopy

Harnessing hydrogen with platinum

Novel approach offers alternative method to convert light into energy...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

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NSF Local Research Assets

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Global Ring Network for Advanced Applications Development

GLORIAD is a high-speed optical network around the entire northern hemisphere....

Type: Facilities & Networks

Proton Exchange membrane Fuel Cells

National Institute for Computional Sciences Kraken

The NICS Kraken near-petascale system's computing capability will significantly expand the capacity of the TeraGrid....

Type: Facilities & Networks

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