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Maine: Award Highlights

See what exciting research and education has been funded by NSF in each state or U.S. territory.  Award Highlights provide a snapshot about select NSF awards and their impacts.

20 Award Highlights found :: Maine

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researchers are tracking wild turkeys in maine for vulnerability to multiple pathogens

Testing and tracking turkeys

Student researchers help evaluate pathogens affecting wild turkeys in Maine...

Research Areas: Biology

the maine epscor emerald ash borer project builds connections between researchers and tribal communities

Preparing for the emerald ash borer

Maine alliance aims to protect ash trees from invasive beetle...

Research Areas: Biology

culvert replacement may help maine manage storm water runoff

Preparing for extreme weather

Infrastructure improvements help Maine communities ready for storms...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

new harbor, maine supports lobster conservation rules

Managing the Lobster Catch

Lobster operations provide a case study for a successful organization...

Research Areas: People & Society

aerial view of northern peat bogs

Peat Bogs and Greenhouse Gas

Peatland bogs represent an underestimated source of methane and carbone dioxide...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

map of the internet displays how web servers are located in the IPv4 addressing scheme

Snuffing Out Computer Worms

Detection strategies take aim at computer worms that colonize...

Research Areas: Mathematics, Computing

man standing in water

Analyzing the Effects of Climate on Watershed Levels

Visualization tool supports shared vision planning and management...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment, Computing

emerald ash borer

Wabanaki Indians Slow Spread of Forest Blight

Collaborative efforts create solutions to fight emerald ash borer....

Research Areas: Biology, People & Society

researchers in front of equipment

Researchers Develop New Process for Making Ethanol

Research initiative develops advanced methods of fermenting wood extracts into ethanol....

Research Areas: Biology, Engineering, Earth & Environment

Illustration of floating wind turbines

Advances in Off-Shore Wind Turbines

The University of Maine's AEWC Advanced Structures and Composites Center is developing a model of a floating off-shore wind farm....

Research Areas: Engineering, Earth & Environment

Image of a glacier

Antarctic Glaciologist Honored with First-ever SCAR Medal of Excellence for Antarctic Research

NSF grantee Paul Mayewski, director of the Climate Change Institute at the University of Maine Orono, was the recipient of the first-ever Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research Medal for Excellence in Antarctic Research. ...

Research Areas: Education, Polar, Earth & Environment

Image of teenagers

From Alaska to Texas, 15,000 Students with Disabilities Engaged in STEM Education

With support from NSF's Research in Disabilities Education program, four regional alliances are increasing the quality and quantity of students with disabilities completing science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) degrees in 14 states. ...

Research Areas: Education

Image of spruce trees

Sprucing up the House: Tree Ring Dating Inuit Sites in Labrador

While excavating at Uivak Point 1, an Inuit 18th century whaling settlement in the Okak region of Labrador, Canada, archaeologists uncovered wood that was so well preserved it smelled like freshly cut spruce....

Research Areas: People & Society

Illustration of aborigines

Difference between Male and Female Hunting Patterns Revealed

Since 2000, NSF-supported anthropologists Rebecca and Douglas Bird of Stanford University have studied the Mardu as they collect desert fruits and honey and hunt kangaroos and large desert lizards....

Research Areas: People & Society, Biology

Photo of Elysia chlorotica, sea slug

Plant or Animal: a Solar-powered Sea Slug

Researchers discover how sea slugs have acquired the ability to harvest energy from the sun....

Research Areas: Biology, Chemistry & Materials

Illustration of VCSEL

Understanding the Light Reflection of a Laser

Hong Lin and her students at Bates College have made progress towards understanding the influence of reflected light on a vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser in an effort to eliminate unwanted instabilities....

Research Areas: Physics

Photo of deforestation

Social Scientist Tackles Deforestation in Maine

James Acheson, professor of anthropology and marine sciences at the University of Maine, used NSF funding to investigate the forest harvesting and conservation decisions of small forestland owners (less than 5,000 acres) in Maine, the most heavily forested state. ...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment, Biology, People & Society

Layout of the microscopy and photo system

Maine Researchers Design a Hybrid Microscope

A team led by Michael Mason of the University of Maine is developing a microscope that will enhance scientists' understanding of membranes and films at the molecular level....

Research Areas: Education, Chemistry & Materials

Visualization tools from supercomputing resources

Seeing the Big Picture With Information Technology

Researchers, educators and students can see the "big picture" with new visualization tools at the University of Maine....

Research Areas: Computing, Education

Photo of the Eye-in-the-Sea underwater

Live Video Feed Received from Eye-in-the-Sea Deep in the Ocean

The Eye-in-the-Sea (EITS)--a programmable, battery-powered camera and recording system--provides an opportunity to explore the deepsea with the potential for revealing new species and new behaviors....

Research Areas: Earth & Environment, Biology

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