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Climate science in the classroom test

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Idaho Research Infrastructure Improvement: Water Resources in a Changing Climate  (University of Idaho)

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Researchers at multiple universities in Idaho are leveraging resources to strengthen climate science education in the state's schools, particularly those that serve Native American and Latino populations. Working together the scientists are helping high-school teachers overcome key barriers to presenting climate change concepts in the classroom.

The researchers provide teachers and students with a better understanding of the fundamental climate science, access to and knowledge of resources and activities to use in the classroom, and materials relevant to the students' local communities.

In addition, over 500 underserved minority students have participated in a unique hands-on summer learning experience called Climate Adventures, a discovery process in which students learn how climate change may impact their local communities.

Idaho scientists working on climate change research and education are funded by multiple agencies including NSF, NASA and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Researchers recruited to Idaho through NSF's Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR) participate in a number of education programs including the Intermountain Climate Education Network, which trains teachers to use novel teaching resources such as the Climate Science Matrix to break down the key concepts of climate science and apply them in their science classes.

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  • a high-school teacher and his students ready a weather station in idaho
High-school teacher Tom Dieffenbach and his students prepare to set up a weather station in Pocatello, Idaho.
Crystal Kolden, University of Idaho

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