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Earth & Environment

earth & environment

Earth's environments range from polar ice caps to hot, dry deserts, from dark ocean depths to high mountaintops. The planet's ecosystems involve complex interactions between the biological (living) and physical (non-living) worlds. More than four billion years of evolution have resulted in the existence of life in virtually every environment on our planet.

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an ice core from the side of the main hole

Prehistoric ice cores help predict future climate

Climate time capsule shows previously hidden interactions between greenhouse gases and climate...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment, Polar

artist's illustration of the prochloroccocus bacteria in a drop of seawater

What diversity lies in a millimeter of ocean water?

One species' multiple subpopulations are a model for understanding marine phytoplankton ...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

snapshot of horizontal displacement surface waves from the 2012 sumatra earthquake

The birth of an earthquake

The start of one quake influences subsequent, related quakes ...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

researchers deploy a marine data buoy

Ocean-based buoys detail conditions in the Virgin Islands

Real-time data collection enhances predictions for hurricanes and other ocean events ...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

kudzu plants

Kudzu kicks up the current

Thin films made of kudzu show promise as alternative energy source ...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

a large-grain thin film improves solar panel efficiency

Budget-friendly solar panels possible with nontoxic compound

Alternative thin film could replace expensive, rare materials ...

Research Areas: Engineering, Earth & Environment

mid-ocean ridges circle the globe like seams on a baseball

A deeper look into ocean ridge activity

Ridge height and volcanic activity driven by temperature differences...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

data suggests iron carbide may indeed be abundant in the earth's core

Viewing the inner Earth through a diamond window

Specialized equipment helps determine Earth's core components...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

experimental data and a skate park bowl highlight this postcard from sk8lab houston

Science through skateboards

Sk8lab Houston delivers lessons in experimentation and data collection...

Research Areas: Education, Earth & Environment

flood waters hit manhattan

Manhattan Seawall faces a tidal challenge

Surges from rising storm tides threaten seawall as a protective barrier...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

coal-fired power plant in new hampshire

Rivers as cooling towers for regional electricity

Computer models show interaction of power plants with climate, water and ecosystems...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment, Biology

researchers secure an aquatic sensor suite in a river

Composing an aquatic symphony

High-tech sensors reveal the rhythms of New Hampshire's waterways...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

the city of las vegas at night

The urban heat (and cool) island in Las Vegas

Temperatures are rising at night and falling during the day around the Strip...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

researchers use gps to measure the movement of boulders over time

As sand and pebbles move, so does the landscape

Over time, the transport of small amounts of earth mean big changes for the landscape ...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

researchers measure sound levels to document wind turbine noise

The impact of wind turbines on microclimates around crops

Researchers discover turbines act like giant fans, altering temperature and turbulence ...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

aerial view of northern peat bogs

Northern peatlands hold clues to the global carbon cycle

Carbon transfer in the last decade is larger than the last 7,000 years at five sites...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

manganese oxide minerals boost reactions that create hydrogen from water

Generating hydrogen with manganese

Mineral could provide inexpensive, sustainable alternative for clean energy technology...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

an interactive map for the hawaii county food self-sufficiency baseline study

Digital portal provides gateway to Hawaiian Island data

Online web mapping services aid scientific discovery ...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment, Biology

images show worm tubes in sediment and concentrations of hydrogen sulfide

Monitoring hydrogen sulfide in salt marshes

Novel sensor detects both distribution and concentration of bacteria byproduct...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

scientists use box cores to collect sediment in the saint lawrence estuary

Marine sediments contain a missing chemical link in global ocean processes

Soluble manganese, an essential life element, is more abundant than once thought...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

calcifying corals growing in low pH conditions are more sensitive to erosion

Discovering how coral reefs respond to acid oceans

Corals in naturally acidified reefs experience slow growth and decreased density...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment, Biology

a researcher uses fungi to ferment cellulose into petroleum

Fungus fermentation aids biofuel research

Naturally occurring process could replace costly step in biofuel production...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

researchers work on a technique that converts solar energy to fuel

Creating a more efficient way to store solar energy

Energy-to-fuel conversion process relies on metal oxides, steam and carbon dioxide...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

platinum particles assessed with scanning electrochemical microscopy

Harnessing hydrogen with platinum

Novel approach offers alternative method to convert light into energy...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

idealized Earth models provide realistic comparisons to actual ocean-atmosphere interactions

Small changes may mean big climate shifts

Multiple climate equilibrium states are possible on Earth ...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment

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