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Chemistry & Materials


Chemistry and materials research are the sciences of stuff—perhaps the only word that does justice to the myriad molecules and materials that we find in the world around us. This research shares the common goal of understanding and controlling everything about molecules and materials, from the making and breaking of chemical bonds on timescales of less than a nanosecond, to the aging and corrosion of steel bridge supports on timescales of more than a decade.

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blue, green and orange luminescent nanoribbons

Nanoribbons add color to luminescent paint

Unique synthesis process generates nanostructures that give off blue, green and orange light ...

Research Areas: Nanoscience, Chemistry & Materials

this chunk of amber is about 20 million years old

Does glass flow over time?

Prehistoric amber reveals the answer...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials

a gecko adheres to a vertically suspended leaf covered with water droplets

The science behind gecko traction on wet surfaces

Adhesion system remains functional on wet surfaces that repel water...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials

schematic shows the process to create nanochannels

Novel polymer membranes improve energy technologies

Material surface properties and pore dimensions adjust depending on the application...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials, Nanoscience

nanotubes skewer thin polymer crystals of three different sizes

Repelling water with buckypaper

Enhanced nanotube mat could be used in sensor or electronics applications...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials, Nanoscience

the crystal structure of a sea urchin tooth

Form enhances function in biological crystals

Mineralized biostructures offer blueprint for strong, lightweight ceramics and glasslike materials...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials

to fabricate biodegradable polymers, calcium carbonate nanoparticles from eggshells offer an alternative to fillers derived from rocks

Polymers based on eggshells

Crystalline nanoparticles enhance fabrication of biodegradable materials ...

Research Areas: Nanoscience, Chemistry & Materials

a computer simulation predicted that two forms of aspirin would have virtually identical stabilities

Predicting crystalline solids from organic molecule assembly

Simulation tools increase accuracy of molecule stability predictions...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials

pillar array structure assists with lab-on-a-chip  chemistry

Pillar arrays assist with lab-on-a-chip chemistry

Fluidic structures offer alternatives for point-of-care and biomedical sampling...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials

blue light helps 8-oxoG repair photochemical damage, mimicking flavin a vitamin critical to dna repair

Vitamin B2 may link DNA repair to the emergence of life

A product of DNA repair may point to an evolutionary precursor of the essential vitamin B2...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials

molecular components self-assemble and resemble a bicycle wheel

Controlling the properties of molecular building blocks

Innovative materials self-assemble into unique objects with specific sizes, shapes and physical properties...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials

advances in optoelectronic materials could mean more efficient lighting systems

Improving the efficiency of organic light-emitting diodes

A partnership between industry and academia produces thin films for lighting needs...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials, Engineering

a researcher explains his work to minnesota state fair attendees

Bringing plastics to the people

Outreach at the Minnesota State Fair by NSF-funded chemists describes polymer research...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials, Education

schematic shows synthesis of terephthalic acid (pta) from multiple sources

Synthesizing an alternate source of a critical plastic

Starting materials for terephthalic acid available from plants or shale gas...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials

nanoscale containers form when bowl-shaped molecules assemble around guest molecules depending on their size and number

Replacing organic solvents with water

Nanoscale molecular containers just need water to form...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials, Nanoscience

glowing polymer goes dark when exposed to explosive vapors

Non-contact detection of explosive materials

Polymer senses explosive vapors in the air...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials

thin films just a few nanometers thick can improve efficiency of renewable energy technologies

Thin films improve energy conversion reaction times

Nickel and iron infused films hasten catalytic activity...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials

a novel approach to synthesizing alkynes eases production of compounds from drugs to polymers

Critical molecular group for drugs and plastics now easier to make

Novel synthesis technique could affect all forms of molecular assembly...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials

two molecules similar to dna bases assembling in water

The origins of DNA, RNA and proteins

Clues show how distant ancestors to DNA and RNA first assembled on prebiotic Earth ...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials

schematic depicts unintentional doping of nickel nanoparticles with phosphorus

Phosphorus-doping limits nickel nanoparticles

Conventional synthesis can cause unintentional doping of particles...

Research Areas: Nanoscience, Chemistry & Materials

understanding the folding dynamics of guanine-rich dna may lead to specialized anticancer drugs

Watching a life ingredient unfold

Research could lead to specialized anticancer drugs...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials

graphic shows the many applications of TBS in drug development

Chemical reagent speeds drug synthesis

Efficient, reliable synthesis of TBS aids multiple industries...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials

a researcher gently cleans an acrylic painting with a microemulsion

Green cleaning of mid-20th century artwork

Gentle microemulsions restore acrylic paintings to their original form...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials

an undergraduate synthesizes a luminescent probe for iron and iron enzymes

Tracking disease sources with light

Light-emitting molecules combine with imaging techniques to target disease ...

Research Areas: Chemistry & Materials

a platinum-iridium tip before (left) and after (right) sharpening

Sharper tips for microscopy

Metal probes benefit from sputter sharpening...

Research Areas: Engineering, Chemistry & Materials

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