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Research Spending & Results

Award Detail

Doing Business As Name:University of Maine
  • Michael Eckardt
  • (207) 581-1506
  • David Hart
Award Date:08/14/2009
Estimated Total Award Amount: $ 20,000,000
Funds Obligated to Date: $ 20,000,000
  • FY 2009=$4,000,000
  • FY 2012=$4,000,000
  • FY 2013=$4,000,000
  • FY 2010=$4,000,000
  • FY 2011=$4,000,000
Start Date:07/01/2009
End Date:12/31/2014
Transaction Type: Cooperative Agreements
Awarding Agency Code:4900
Funding Agency Code:4900
CFDA Number:47.083
Primary Program Source:040100 NSF RESEARCH & RELATED ACTIVIT
Award Title or Description:Maine's Sustainability Science Initiative
Federal Award ID Number:0904155
DUNS ID:186875787
Parent DUNS ID:071750426
Program:EPSCoR Research Infrastructure
Program Officer:
  • Timothy VanReken
  • (703) 292-7378

Awardee Location

Street:5717 Corbett Hall
Awardee Cong. District:02

Primary Place of Performance

Organization Name:University of Maine
Street:5717 Corbett Hall
Cong. District:02

Abstract at Time of Award

Proposal Title: Maine?s Sustainability Science Initiative Institution: University of Maine Goals: Maine?s Sustainability Science Initiative (SSI) seeks to catalyze and expand the state?s interdisciplinary research capacity for understanding the coupled dynamics of social-ecological systems (SES) and determining how such knowledge can best inform stakeholders and their decision-making processes. The core SSI objective is to create a new statewide Center for Sustainability Solutions (CSS) where place-based systems research, knowledge to action focus, and strong stakeholder partnerships will serve as a testbed for developing solutions to sustainable development challenges in and beyond Maine. The research focuses on three interacting drivers of landscape change (urbanization, forest ecosystem management, and climate change) that affect Maine and other regions. Although Maine has faced some serious environmental challenges, its ecosystems have not reached crisis points. As a result, Maine can be a valuable model for exploring proactive, cost-effective approaches to sustainable development, The proposed research will employ three innovative strategies: 1) model development and testing based on an integrated analysis of interactions among drivers of landscape change; 2) a quasi-experimental approach to evaluate the ability of alternative modeling techniques to account for SES thresholds, feedbacks, and resilience; and 3) close stakeholder partnerships to ensure that the work is shaped by the demands of social and institutional systems to enhance the value of the research for decision-making. These strategies depend upon a high-level of interdisciplinary integration, and build on past EPSCoR investments that created research teams characterized by diverse expertise. This project aims to increase the capacity and productivity of those teams, and create the foundation for a green innovation economy in Maine. In concert with the novel approach to innovative research, the project activities effectively integrate research and education to bolster the STEM training and scientific expertise of Maine?s future workforce. In collaboration with ?Maine STEM Coalition Initiative?, the project engages K-12 students, integrates the Center for Sustainability Solutions? research (a center that would be created with funding requested in this proposal) with K-12 education, and coordinates teacher professional development. At the postsecondary education levels, the project includes design of new courses that emphasize interdisciplinary and systems modeling and that integrate stakeholders into service-learning activities; development of interdisciplinary academic research and private sector internships; design of a mentoring program; and engagement of students in the development of use of innovative technology.

Publications Produced as a Result of this Research

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Project Outcomes Report


This Project Outcomes Report for the General Public is displayed verbatim as submitted by the Principal Investigator (PI) for this award. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this Report are those of the PI and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation; NSF has not approved or endorsed its content.

As the magnitude, complexity, and urgency of many sustainability problems increases, there is a growing need for universities to contribute more effectively to problem-solving. Drawing upon prior research on social-ecological systems, knowledge-action interactions, and organizational innovation, an integrated conceptual framework was developed for strengthening the capacity of universities to help society understand and respond to a wide range of sustainability challenges. This framework was implemented via the Sustainability Solutions Initiative (SSI), which created a portfolio of place-based, interdisciplinary research projects at the scale of a single region (the state of Maine, USA). Organized around the overarching theme of landscape change, these projects focused on understanding and solving problems related to forest management, urbanization, climate change, and energy security.

Three common patterns emerged across the research portfolio that were associated with more effective problem-solving strategies. First, an emphasis on local places and short-term dynamics in social-ecological systems research provides more frequent opportunities for learning while doing. Second, iterative stakeholder engagement and inclusive forms of knowledge co-production can generate substantial returns on investment, especially when researchers are dedicated to a shared process of problem identification and avoid framing solutions too narrowly. Although these practices are time-consuming, they can be accelerated by leveraging existing stakeholder relationships. Third, efforts to mobilize interdisciplinary expertise and link knowledge with action are facilitated by an organizational culture that emphasizes mutual respect, adaptability, and solutions. Participation of faculty associated with interdisciplinary academic programs, solutions-oriented fields, and units with partnership-oriented missions hastens collaboration within teams and between teams and stakeholders. The Sustainability Solutions Initiative also created a risk-tolerant culture that encouraged organizational learning. Solutions-focused interdisciplinary research programs at other universities can potentially benefit from the lessons we learned. 

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