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1. What is the Proposal Preparation and Submission Site and what will be key benefits of using the new system?

The Proposal Preparation and Submission Site provides the ability to create, submit, track, and update proposals associated with active NSF funding opportunities (initially only for full, research non-collaborative proposals and collaborative proposals with subawards). This furthers an NSF goal of providing quick access to proposal information and grants management services in one location in The goals of this system are to provide a modernized, intuitive environment for proposal preparation and submission; reduce administrative burden via real-time compliance checking; provide online help tips and notes; and incorporate a proposal wizard that walks users through the proposal setup process.

2. Can I still use FastLane to prepare proposals?

Yes. FastLane continues to be available, and users have the option to use either or FastLane to prepare and submit proposals. If you prepare a proposal in, you will not be able access or edit it in FastLane and vice versa. A proposal must be submitted in the system where it was prepared. A proposal file update/budget revision also must use the same system as the original proposal. is being developed incrementally. Features will expand with the goal of eventually transitioning all proposal preparation and submission functionality from FastLane to

June 2019 Release

3. What types of proposals are available in the June 2019 release?

The June 2019 release supports full, research non-collaborative proposal and collaborative proposal with subawards. Future releases will support additional proposal and submission types such as separately submitted collaborative proposals, Conference, RAISE, RAPID, EAGER, CAREER, and others.

4. What features are available in the release?

The following document provides these details: Release Timeline.pdf

5. Will there be a demonstration site available with the June 2019 release?

A demonstration site is planned; however, it will not be available with the June 2019 release.

6. Can other user roles (i.e., SPO, AOR, etc.,) initiate proposals in the June 2019 release?

Presently, only a PI can initiate a proposal. The capability for other user roles to initiate proposals are being considered for a future release.

Accessing the Proposal Preparation System

7. How can I access the new system in

If you are in and have not logged in, select the "Prepare New or Existing Proposals" link under the “Prepare & Submit Proposals” category on the home page. That will direct you to the login page. After logging in, you are directed to the proposal preparation landing page.

If you have already logged in to, select the "New! Prepare Proposals (Limited Proposal Types)" link under the Prepare & Submit Proposals category. This will direct you to the proposal preparation landing page.

8. Can InCommon access login credentials be used by an organization for a user to access proposal preparation in

Yes, InCommon access login credentials can be used.

9. How does a PI or co-PI provide the SPO/AOR access to a proposal?

A PI or co-PI can share a proposal with the SPO/AOR even if required proposal data or sections are not yet complete. On the Proposal Forms page, select “Share Proposal with SPO/AOR”. You can proceed to provide access even when error(s)/warning(s) display. Continue past the error(s)/warning(s) and select the type of access to provide the SPO/AOR: No access, View-only access, Edit access, or Edit access with Allow proposal submission (AOR only).

Uploading Files

10. What file types can be uploaded in required proposal sections?

Proposal sections must be uploaded in PDF format except for the Collaborators and Other Affiliations (COA) document, which requires an .xlsx format. Complete information on COA is available at

11. Can a PDF document be uploaded that does not adhere to Proposal & Award Policies & Procedures Guide (PAPPG) formatting requirements?

The system checks PAPPG format compliance as you upload a PDF. If non-compliance detected, you will see a warning or error message that identifies the issue. Some issues prevent upload, such as a violation of page length, while others allow upload to complete, such as violations of font size and type. Only final documents should be uploaded. Draft work must be completed outside

For complete information, see the PAPPG, Chapter II proposal preparation instructions and the Proposal Preparation Document Upload FAQs.


12. Where are the Academic and Summer months on the Budget?

Proposers need to provide only the total number of calendar months of support being requested per project year in the Budget section. The PDF output when printing a proposal continues to match the FastLane print output. The academic and summer months fields may be removed in a future release.

Additional Information

13. Where can I find additional information about the Proposal and Submission Site?

The About page in contains additional information under the Proposal Preparation and Submission category at: About Proposal Preparation and Submission Site.