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Proposal Preparation and Submission

The Proposal Preparation and Submission Site modernizes proposal submission capabilities. The new system focuses on enhancing the user experience and reducing administrative burden with an intuitive interface and automated compliance checking. The new system is being developed incrementally and, as more FastLane features become available in, the system features will expand until it replaces FastLane for proposal preparation and submission. Until that time, FastLane will continue to be available, and users will have the option of using either or FastLane to prepare and submit proposals.

These features are available currently for full, research, non-collaborative proposals and collaborative  proposals with subawards:

  • Initiate a proposal for a selected funding opportunity.
  • Provide Other Authorized User access to others who will assist in proposal preparation.
  • Add and update proposal sections and supporting documents.
  • Add subaward organizations, personnel, and budget information.
  • Find specific Proposal & Award Policies & Procedures Guide (PAPPG) guidance.
  • Perform compliance checking on a section-by-section basis as well as for the entire proposal.
  • Enable SPO/AOR access for proposal review.
  • AOR submission of proposals.
  • Proposal File Update & Budget Revision.
  • Email notifications for the Principal Investigator, co-Principal Investigators, and Other Authorized Users for various actions during proposal preparation and submission.
  • Email notifications for the Sponsored Projects Office and Authorized Organizational Representative for permission changes during proposal preparation.

When fully featured, the Proposal Preparation and Submission Site will provide the ability to create, submit, track, and update proposals associated with all active NSF funding opportunities. This furthers an NSF goal of providing quick access to proposal information and grants management services in one location.

A full timeline for release of system capabilities is available at: Release Timeline.pdf

The Proposal Preparation and Submission Site can be accessed at the following link: Proposal Preparation and Submission.

Please click on following links to view videos which provide assistance with using functionality in the application:

 Initiating a Proposal

 How to Manage Personnel and Senior Personnel Documents

 How to Work on a Proposal Budget

 How to upload a Collaborators and Other Affiliations Document

 How to submit a research proposal in

For additional questions, please refer to the Proposal Preparation Site Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

NSF welcomes all users to provide feedback! Feedback can be provided via a structured survey link that will be sent to users.