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Research Spending & Results

Award Detail

Doing Business As Name:University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Todd Emrick
  • (413) 577-1613
Award Date:09/09/2008
Estimated Total Award Amount: $ 10,000,000
Funds Obligated to Date: $ 14,654,596
  • FY 2013=$2,200,000
  • FY 2009=$2,385,012
  • FY 2014=$1,100,000
  • FY 2012=$2,269,584
  • FY 2008=$1,200,000
  • FY 2010=$2,200,000
  • FY 2015=$1,100,000
  • FY 2011=$2,200,000
Start Date:09/01/2008
End Date:08/31/2016
Transaction Type: Cooperative Agreements
Awarding Agency Code:4900
Funding Agency Code:4900
CFDA Number:47.049
Primary Program Source:040100 NSF RESEARCH & RELATED ACTIVIT
Award Title or Description:Materials Research Science and Engineering Center on Polymers
Federal Award ID Number:0820506
DUNS ID:153926712
Parent DUNS ID:079520631
Program Officer:
  • Daniele Finotello
  • (703) 292-4676

Awardee Location

Street:Research Administration Building
Awardee Cong. District:02

Primary Place of Performance

Organization Name:University of Massachusetts Amherst
Street:Research Administration Building
Cong. District:02

Abstract at Time of Award

The Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC) on Polymers at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst will integrate the expertise of 27 faculty members and 26 graduate students from seven departments. Fundamental challenges in polymer synthesis, physics, and engineering will be addressed in Directed Polymer-Based Assemblies (Integrated Research Group, IRG-I), which will seek hierarchically ordered polymer systems based on nanoscopic elements and nanoconfinement relevant to functional nanodevices. Polymer Surface Instabilities (IRG-II) will define a new materials design paradigm, one that looks to elastic instabilities to control polymer surface morphology, arranging structures resulting from instabilities into hierarchies and exploiting instability dynamics to generate rapid and selective response. The Center will support several Seed Programs. One large Seed effort, Polymers in Ionic Liquids, will bring polymers and ionic liquids together in solid, fluid and interfacial environments. The unique characteristics of ionic liquids will foster new chemistries, materials, and processing strategies along with means to resolve longstanding materials problems from across the polymer science field. Another large seed on Polymer Surfaces for Bacterial Control and Amphiphilic Polyelectrolytes, shows potential for rapid scientific growth, which should mirror expansion of associated technologies in society. These research efforts will be significantly enhanced by the Center's involvement in the Global Research Laboratory at Seoul National University, the Advanced Institute for Materials Research at Tohoku University, and collaborative efforts between the Center and national laboratories. Strong ties have been established between the MRSEC and undergraduate educational programs at Mount Holyoke College, Smith College, the University of California at Riverside, the University of Vermont, and Howard University. This sweeping expertise uniquely positions the Center to address the proposed interdisciplinary research problems and ensures an environment suited to educating and stimulating students at the forefront of materials science and engineering. The Center operates twelve Shared Experimental Facilities to enable Center researchers to perform forefront research on maintenance-intensive, state-of-the-art equipment at minimal cost to the individual researcher. To stimulate research in energy conversion, a pressing societal problem we face today, the Center opened a Photovoltaics Facility, allowing researchers to fabricate and measure the efficiency of photovoltaic devices under an inert atmosphere. Along with several other MRSECs, the Center recently formed the Materials Research Facilities Network, vastly expanding the instrumentation capabilities of any one Center and promotes the greater use of NSF-funded instrumentation by researchers across the U.S. The Center has multiple strong ties to industrial and government laboratories. The Center benefits from close interactions with the Center for UMass-Industry Research on Polymers and the Research Liaison and Development Office, two effective conduits for technology transfer to the industrial sector. MassNanoTech and Mass-Crest, two campus institutes, respectively focus on nanoscience- and energy-related research projects of interest to industry.

Publications Produced as a Result of this Research

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Project Outcomes Report


This Project Outcomes Report for the General Public is displayed verbatim as submitted by the Principal Investigator (PI) for this award. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this Report are those of the PI and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation; NSF has not approved or endorsed its content.

The National Science Foundation-supported Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC) on Polymers at the University of Massachusetts (UMass) focused on collaborative research and education activities to advance the field of polymer materials science.  Over forty faculty investigators worked in research and education teams to make new fundamental discoveries in polymers and polymer-related disciplines.  The research contributions and achievements of the investigators are described as Intellectual Merit.  The activities in diversity, education, and outreach are described as Broader Impact.

Intellectual Merit. Research teams in the UMass MRSEC on Polymers were organized into Interdisciplinary Research Groups (IRGs) and seed projects.  Two IRGs comprised the major research efforts in the Center. IRG I, titled Directed Polymer-based Assemblies, focused on methods for manipulating the dimensions of polymer phases, or collections of polymer chains, on surfaces and in solution. Ground-breaking achievements in IRG I included the discoveries of polymer phases with exceptionally small and well-defined structures, at the nanometer scale, which are crucial for translation to state-of-the-art storage and memory devices.  IRG II, titled Polymer Surface Instabilities, discovered new fundamental physics and engineering attributes of polymers by identifying the mechanisms by which polymers form wrinkles or creases, and likewise the triggers for reversing such wrinkling/creasing behavior.  These studies led to major advances in the mechanical properties of polymers, such as adhesion, durability, and wear-resistance. The Center embarked on six seed projects, each of which introduced new ideas and participants into the Center.  For example, a seed project involving ionic liquids, an unusual type of non-volatile fluid, probed previously unstudied behavior of polymers in this solution environment.  In other example, a seed project on polymer optoelectronics discovered new routes to combining polymers and nanometer-sized particles into bright emissive displays. 

Broader Impact. Over 120 researchers at the graduate, undergraduate, and postdoctoral levels were educated in the UMass MRSEC, and are making long-lasting contributions to the U.S. materials workforce across industrial, academic, and government laboratory positions.  This was a direct result of a research program that was well-integrated with education, outreach, and diversity activities, all culminating in a productive and innovative Center that gained national and international visibility in the polymer field.  A Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program hosted diverse student groups from across the U.S. for laboratory experiences with faculty mentors and their research groups.  Moreover, the Center organized all visiting summer researchers in materials-related fields on the UMass campus (30-40 per year in different summer research programs) into a cohesive group by organizing safety training, weekly graduate student presentations, and networking events.  REU activities were complemented by a Research Experience for Teachers (RET) program in which K-12 teachers participated in laboratory materials research with Center faculty participants. The RET program was especially powerful for its indirect impact on large and diverse student pools, as the RET participants developed teaching modules based on their experiences in collaborative IRG projects.  The Center connected striking research results with art projects at the K-12 level, in which compelling and visually-appealing data, in the form of microscope-generated images, were used as the basis for education and imagination in art.

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