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Research Spending & Results

Award Detail

Doing Business As Name:Montana University System Office
  • Mark J Young
  • (406) 994-5158
  • Richard Hauer
Award Date:07/03/2007
Estimated Total Award Amount: $ 9,000,000
Funds Obligated to Date: $ 10,566,663
  • FY 2009=$3,066,663
  • FY 2010=$1,500,000
  • FY 2007=$3,000,000
  • FY 2008=$3,000,000
Start Date:08/01/2007
End Date:07/31/2011
Transaction Type:Grant
Awarding Agency Code:4900
Funding Agency Code:4900
CFDA Number:47.083
Primary Program Source:040100 NSF RESEARCH & RELATED ACTIVIT
Award Title or Description:Infrastructure via Science- and Technology-Enhanced Partnerships (INSTEP)
Federal Award ID Number:0701906
DUNS ID:065569048
Parent DUNS ID:079602596
Program:EPSCoR Research Infrastructure

Awardee Location

Street:307 Montana Hall
Awardee Cong. District:00

Primary Place of Performance

Organization Name:Montana State University
Cong. District:00

Abstract at Time of Award

The Montana EPSCoR research infrastructure improvement project focuses on two research areas: Hydrogen and the Environment (HE) and Large River Ecosystems (LRE) that are each regionally relevant, nationally significant, and capitalize on the unique resources of Montana. The HE program, led by Montana State University (MSU), builds on existing HE studies and integrates research efforts across participating institutions. The scientific goals and questions of the program are: (1) to discover and understand the biological diversity of metal transformations and metal mediated catalysis, with a focus on hydrogen, using bioprospecting, genomics, and proteomics approaches; (2) researching mechanisms of metal transformations and metalloenzyme-mediated catalysis with a focus on hydrogen, using biochemical and physical methods and theoretical modeling; and (3) integration and implementation of process engineering and bio-inspired materials synthesis for hydrogen production and coupling to developing fuel-cell technologies. The Yellowstone National Park and the Berkeley Pit (Butte, MT) superfund environments provide unique laboratories for the study of how biological systems have evolved metal transport and transformation systems to thrive in high metal and gaseous (including hydrogen) environments. The selection of the HE emphasis aligns with national interest in developing alternative fuels sources and positions Montana for informing dialogue on a hydrogen fuel economy. The project coordinates statewide efforts in basic science, biochemical and chemical mechanistic understanding, and applied science. The next generation of researchers is promoted through new faculty hires and investments in graduate and undergraduate students. The newly developing Large River Ecosystems (LRE) effort, led by the University of Montana (UM), focuses on processes driving ecological systems of a free-flowing river (the Yellowstone) and the impacted Missouri and Columbia Rivers. Questions to be addressed relate to physical processes that control timing and quantity of snow melt runoff under changing climatic conditions; effects of nutrient sources and sinks on watershed dynamics; and differences between natural drivers of change in river systems vis-a-vis man-caused changes. These factors are important to watershed management efforts in the Northwest United States. The LRE program would also develop a new graduate program. The project presents a strong plan for integrating research and education. The LRE component incorporates notable research and education partnerships with Montana's Tribal Colleges that show promise for increasing Native American participation in study and research in scientific fields. The Science Learning Complex, which hosts lecture series and a public radio show, as well as other outreach efforts assure effective dissemination of EPSCoR research findings across the state. Partnerships with Immersion Presents and the Science and Natural History Filmmaking Program bring HE and LRE research and education products to a national audience. Immersion Presents, for example, is creating curricula and supplementary materials to increase understanding of extreme environments such as the thermal vents of Yellowstone Park. The National Science Teachers' Association, through SciLinks, provides linkages for educational web sites developed by Montana EPSCoR to some of the nation's most commonly used science and mathematics textbooks. Finally, the Montana Indians and Science Program is touring hands-on science exhibitions to tribal colleges and reservations throughout the State; a special focus calls attention to contributions of native peoples to science and technology in fields such as medicine, ecology, and preservation of Montana's rivers and other natural resources.

Publications Produced as a Result of this Research

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Project Outcomes Report


This Project Outcomes Report for the General Public is displayed verbatim as submitted by the Principal Investigator (PI) for this award. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this Report are those of the PI and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation; NSF has not approved or endorsed its content.

Intellectual Merit

The vision of the Montana EPSCoR program was to build sustainable capacity in two broadly defined focus areas: Hydrogen and the Environment (HE), which has as its goal building integrated research and education efforts in discovery, understanding and applications in bio-energy; and, Large River Ecosystems (LRE), which further develops research and education in Montana’s water ecology, hydrology and geochemistry.  The principle mechanisms to build this infrastructure was through direct investments in new tenure-track faculty hires, postdoctoral fellows, PhD graduate students, and the involvement of undergraduates in the research endeavor. Sustained capacity in the research endeavor comes through the hire of competitive faculty members who garner additional funds and train the next generation of scientists. Toward these ends, 23 new faculty members were hired at the research universities in the target areas, 93 graduate students received support and 372 undergraduates received funds to conduct independent research projects.  Engaging the Native American population in these efforts also ensures that the breadth of Montana’s population benefits from the research enterprise. All seven of Montana’s Native American tribal colleges participated in the EPSCoR project, by conducting a research project under the Large River Ecosystems theme in their own community with the involvement of 107 Native American students.

 The faculty hired in the first three years of the grant are competitively funded and actively engaged at the research universities in Montana and continue to be prolific in garnering funding and publishing research. The leveraged support that NSF EPSCoR was able to provide allowed competitive start-up packages to be developed with strong faculty recruited to Montana’s research universities.

 Broader Impacts

Montana EPSCoR outreach efforts reached over 10 % of the state’s population.  That is, over 100,000 Montana residents, a significant number given the low population density and rural nature of the state.  Montana EPSCoR outreach and education initiatives reach the general public and K-12 schools through multi-media, print and face-to-face opportunities. Montana EPSCoR is especially effective in engaging Montana’s Native American population and did so through work with the seven tribal colleges, pre-college programs for high school students, and undergraduate and graduate student fellowships.  All of these programs engaged students in research with faculty at one of the research universities.   


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