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U.S. and Austria Collaborate to Solve Computational Problems in Science and Mathematics

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US-Austria Cooperative Research: Fast Solvers for Computational Pharmacy, Life Sciences, Mathematics, Physics, and Environmental Modeling  (University of Kentucky Research Foundation)

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Computer science researchers at the University of Kentucky, Johannes Kepler University of Linz, Austria, and the Karl-Franzens University of Graz, Austria are collaborating to develop tools to hasten the identification of algorithms capable of solving industrial-quality computational from six to 12 months to a few days.  New research developments in algebraic multigrid have enabled the U.S. and Austrian teams to produce an open-source, community resource to develop an expert system for more swiftly choosing algorithms capable of solving complex, industrial-quality computational problems.  Potential applications of the work include producing useful software and new methods for determining how injected drugs spread throughout the body and how they might be directed to specific locations.  The participation of students is crucial to the success of the research.  Distance communication techniques maintain a shared data repository for papers, computer codes, seminar talks, and working notes.


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