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Computational Science and Engineering Online: A Lab Without Walls

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ITR: Development of a Web-based Grid-Computing Environment for Research and Education in Computational Science and Engineering  (University of Utah)

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CSE-Online (Computational Science and Engineering) is an innovative cyber-environment for research and education. It helps to build the nation's cyberinfrastructure, which is a necessary tool to drive discovery in all fields of science and engineering. The software framework, developed at the University of Utah, allows users to select among many available tools to construct desktop environments that fit their individual needs. The diverse types of application tools, data, and resources distributed over the Internet are delivered on demand to the user's virtual desktop environment in a simple, secure, and transparent manner.  The software facilitates the flow of data or knowledge from one domain to another and thus enables interdisciplinary research on multiscale scientific challenges.


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Recent Award Highlights

Diagram of wiring within a large cache bank

Lowering Energy Consumption of Large Data Caches

New techniques to reduce the energy consumption associated with computer caches

Research Areas: Computing, Earth & Environment Locations: Utah
Computer simulation of atomic structure of a molecule

Absence Makes a Researcher Grow Curious

By measuring the effect of chemical bonding, a researcher discovered a trend in nature toward arrangements that are most ordered.

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