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Development of a New Generation of Miniature Search and Rescue Robots

NSF Award:

CISE Research Resources: Teams of Miniature Mobile Robots  (University of Minnesota-Twin Cities)

MRI: Development of a New Generation of Miniature Search/Rescue Robots  (Berea College)

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Researchers have developed a miniature robot "scout" that can obtain reconnaissance and surveillance data in areas that pose significant risk to human beings or are unreachable in any other way.  The robots have been designed to withstand repeated impact, which means that they can be thrown into position as well as be deployed from remote-controlled unmanned aerial vehicles. A number of these robots were delivered to the U.S. military for operation in Iraq and Afghanistan, where they are deployed in advance of ground forces, giving soldiers more time to think and react. A less expensive version of the robot, eROSI, has been used in a variety of educational, research, and outreach programs, including a robotics camp for middle school students from underrepresented groups. 


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ERosi search and resuce robots
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