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Reducing Threats to Coastal Environment

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DDDAS-TMRP: DynaCode: A General DDDAS Framework with Coast and Environment Modeling Applications  (Louisiana State University & Agricultural and Mechanical College)

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Novel methods for more accurate prediction of the path and intensity of hurricanes and understanding the limits of protective levies are being investigated by a multidisciplinary team of computer science, hurricane, and oceanic modeling researchers from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, together with civil engineering researchers from the University of Notre Dame.  Dynamic data-driven application systems of coupled ocean circulation, storm surge, and wave generation models for the Gulf of Mexico, together with regional data, are being developed to produce real-time coastal forecasts. Dynacode, the application system, has the potential to advance the scientific understanding of coastal processes, develop vastly improved long- and short-term forecasts and emergency response systems, and make more effective use of billions of federal dollars.


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