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Western Schools Embrace Outdoor Science

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Teacher Retention and Renewal through Bioregional Outdoor Education  (Four Corners School of Outdoor Education)

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Using the outdoors as a classroom for science education is benefiting students and teachers in the NSF-funded Teacher Retention and Renewal through Bioregional Outdoor Education (TRRBOE) program. TRRBOE staff have seen participating schools' science test data improve in the 48 western schools they have worked with over the past four years. The Four Corners School of Outdoor Education in Monticello, Utah, is implementing TRRBOE to help K-8 teachers incorporate experiential, outdoor, and place-based education permanently into the core curricula. The focus of this grant is on teacher retention and renewal, and teachers report that they are successfully learning how to teach science using outdoor education techniques. With professional development and mentoring, teachers are staying in the teaching profession longer.





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An outdoor landscape in Utah
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