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Access to Algebra for All

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REvitalizing ALgebra  (San Francisco State University)

Appalachian Mathematics and Science Partnership  (University of Kentucky Research Foundation)

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NSF's Math and Science Partnerships (MSP) are finding creative ways to increase student participation and success in algebra, a "gateway" subject for further math study.  The Revitalizing Algebra Partnership (REAL), centered in the San Francisco region, focused on uniting three groups--middle and high school algebra teachers, undergraduate mathematics majors with interests in secondary education, and graduate mathematics students who teach college algebra--with the primary goal of professional development.  In Access to Algebra, part of the Comprehensive Appalachian MSP, secondary math teachers and college math professors established a distance learning seminar to systematically work through and update a college-level algebra course, including a complete text and online homework sets.  Both projects had a positive impact on student performance.


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