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Montana State University Develops Undergraduate Research Program

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REU Site: Solar Physics Program at Montana State University  (Montana State University)

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The Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program in solar and space physics invites selected students to perform individual research projects under the supervision of a Montana State University (MSU) faculty member. The program provides students with a high-quality, state-of-the-art research experience; develops their independence, creativity and interest in physics; demonstrates how academic knowledge can be applied to real-world problems; strengthens research skills; and encourages participation of women and minorities.

Student projects involve the analysis of data from spacecraft and ground-based observatories. These projects frequently result in joint professional publications and conference presentations. The educational program includes tutorials on solar and space physics, data analysis software and web page development, science and research ethics, issues concerning women in physics, and advice in applying to graduate schools.

By providing an innovative approach to integrating research with education, the MSU REU program is transforming the undergraduate experience. The opportunity to explore diverse topics stimulates students to make intellectual connections heretofore unknown-inevitably leading to further discovery as these students mature into the next generation of scientists and engineers.


  • Photo of a solar flare
A solar flare erupts on the surface of the Sun.
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