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High-Speed Computer Network Connects Researchers

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Louisiana's Research Infrastructure Improvement Strategy  (Louisiana Board of Regents)

Louisiana's Strategic Infrastructure Improvement  (Louisiana Board of Regents)

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By leveraging EPSCoR funds, the Louisiana Optical Network Initiative (LONI) is steadily transforming Louisiana's university research capabilities. LONI is a high-speed fiber optic network and high-performance grid computing environment that connects the state's major research universities and health science centers. The high-speed network links to major national and international networks, including National LambdaRail and Internet 2, and connects researchers to approximately 100 teraflops of high-performance computers distributed around the grid. The network is available for use by academic, government and industry partners in collaboration with LONI member research institutions.

LONI has also received NSF funding to establish a connection with Teragrid, an open scientific discovery infrastructure that combines high-performance computers, data resources and tools and high-end experimental facilities around the country. In addition, NSF supports the PetaShare project, an infrastructure consisting of a high-capacity, high-performance storage system that can facilitate and accelerate collaborative data-intensive research. The system allows researchers to share raw data, experience and results; to replicate critical data at multiple physical locations; and to archive historical data for long-term studies.

Recently, six LONI member universities created a research collaborative to enhance Louisiana's scientific and economic development capacity. The LONI Institute, a multi-institutional and multidisciplinary endeavor, will draw on LONI's advanced resources to drive computational research and education in the biological, materials, and computational sciences, which in turn will generate significant economic development for the state.


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LONI is a high-speed fiber optic network and high-performance grid computing environment that connects Louisiana's major research universities and health science centers.
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