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Managing Wildfires through Mapping and Visualization

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SBIR Phase II: FireScape: A Platform for On-Demand, Browser-Based Incident Command  (HyPerspectives, Inc.)

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HyPerspectives, Inc., a company in Bozeman, Mont., is developing a Web-based mapping and visualization application called FIRESCAPE.  The application allows the fire management community to quickly and efficiently collect, analyze, and share geospatial data.  FIRESCAPE provides a critical and previously unavailable tool to improve real-time fire modeling and strategic fire-fighting ability that will result in a new decision support system and help save lives.

HyPerspectives has partnered with Cisco Systems, Inc., to finalize the network architecture design, focusing on fire manager feedback and making system improvements.  The companies are planning and leading demonstrations introducing options for system customization:  networking components and satellite communications options, Cisco's incident management software (integrating cell phones, IP phones, push-to-talk radios and meteorological sensors), and HyPerspective's browser-based application for data visualization.  FIRESCAPE plans to ultimately provide end-user access to a complete team of expert analysts and engineers to gather, merge, and analyze fire-related data through satellite communications networking.  Experts will consolidate and simplify the data into custom, real-time reports with geospatial content and deliver it to end-users to expedite high-level decision making.

FIRESCAPE has both economic and humanistic benefits in that confinement strategies chosen and applied during the early stages of fires may significantly reduce the cost of fire suppression by several million dollars.  This additional information may also enable decisions to be made that keep firefighters as safe as possible.  The flexible architecture of the FIRESCAPE application and Web interface makes the system agile, dynamically configurable, and widely applicable to natural disasters, pandemics, global monitoring, or homeland security.


  • Photo of a forest fire
Researchers are developing technologies to predict forest fires, and to better understand their effects on the environment.
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