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Delaware Research in Molecular Genetics and Genomics Inspires Undergraduates

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REU Site: Undergraduate Research in Molecular Genetics and Genomics  (Delaware State University)

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The Delaware State University (DSU) Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) in Molecular Genetics and Genomics is a summer research program under Venugopal Kalavacharla of DSU in Dover, DE. The program brings together undergraduates and faculty mentors with an interest in biological research. The program provides opportunities for student interaction and development through individual mentoring, group discussions, research presentations, problem solving, moral decision making, and exposure to internship and employment opportunities in government, academia and industry.

The 2007 program drew nine students from institutions from around the state of Delaware. Five participants were biology majors from 4-year institutions, while four were from 2-year community colleges. Some of the questions that the students pursued included:  Is a gene that is necessary for normal human development important for plant development? Can we isolate genes that influence behavior?

Students indicated that the REU program was a valuable hands-on experience that further excited them about pursuing careers in either biological research or in the biotechnology/pharmaceutical industry. Since participating in the summer 2007 program, two of the community college students have come to DSU to pursue higher degrees and continue research. Additionally, a criminal justice student is planning to enroll in a forensics program. For summer 2008, an even larger pool of diverse faculty mentors is expected who look forward to mentoring undergraduate students.




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