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Pacific Rim Collaboration Expands Interactive Exhibits

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Pacific Rim Application and Grid Middleware: Broadening PRAGMA Impact on Global Science and Technology Communities  (University of California-San Diego)

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An event held at the Museum of Photographic Arts (MOPA) in San Diego enabled visitors to create a collection of photographs by manipulating the images themselves. The Museum's collections--about 50 in total--were projected on a 24-screen tiled-display wall for viewing by event visitors. MOPA is currently analyzing the data captured by the touch table, as well as data from written surveys taken by event participants, to better understand the visitors' experiences and selections. 

New technologies are allowing museums to engage visitors through innovative and interactive exhibitions. At the MOPA event the museum sought to create a crowd-sourced experience using a novel multi-touch table interface that allows users to experience the curatorial process in a fun and engaging way.

The interface was created through a unique collaboration with MOPA, the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology in Kyoto, Japan, and the Pacific Rim Undergraduate Experiences (PRIME) program at UCSD. The NSF-funded PRIME is a summer internship that provides students with hands-on research experience over a summer at participating research institutions across the Pacific Rim.

This project relied on the talents of University of California, San Diego, (UCSD) undergraduates and created opportunities for learning how to conduct research in a real-world setting. Among the benefits of participation, students learned critical thinking skills, iterative design and intercultural/interdisciplinary collaboration.

PRIME is one of several programs supported by the Pacific Rim Application and Grid Middleware Assembly (PRAGMA). PRAGMA was formed in 2002 to establish sustained collaborations and advance the use of grid technologies in applications among a community of investigators working with leading institutions around the Pacific Rim.

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  • an interactive museum exhibit uses a touch table
  • visitors try an interactive exhibit at the museum of photographic arts in san diego, calif.
San Diego's Museum of Photographic Arts featured an interactive touch-table to engage visitors.
Jason Haga
Visitors to San Diego's Museum of Photographic Arts manipulate images for an interactive exhibit.
Jason Haga

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