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People & Society

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Out of fascination and need, people have always studied other people. When scientific methods are applied to those observations, the studies help characterize and analyze our behavior, social and political institutions, family and community structures and our economies. Scientific studies of people and society help answer age-old human contemplations.

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a green turtle

Promoting more effective marine conservation

Accountability and flexibility enhance adoption of conservation technologies ...

Research Areas: People & Society

a university of michigan job loss index predicts unemployment claims using job-related social media messages

Using social media to track job losses in real time

When combined with official statistics, Twitter data can improve monitoring of economic activity ...

Research Areas: People & Society

improving cognitive skills early in children's lives can have long-lasting benefits

Improving skills development in childhood

A learning model shows the benefits of parental and educational interventions as children mature ...

Research Areas: People & Society

what appears as a celestial event actually is part of a social network dynamics study

Tracking 'Tweets' to determine political participation

Software helps extract meaningful data from social media platforms...

Research Areas: People & Society

single acts of kindness can promote generous behavior among large groups of people

Generosity can be contagious

"Paying it forward" increases with observed or received acts of kindness ...

Research Areas: People & Society

map shows assessment scores based on a community's vulnerability to natural hazards

Protecting communities, saving lives

Robust model assesses hazard risk for local communities...

Research Areas: Computing, People & Society

a wikipedia-based language system provides definitions, synonyms and translations

Wikipedia and the meaning of words

Online encyclopedia used to help computer systems find the meaning of words...

Research Areas: Computing, People & Society

large numbers of indian scientists and engineers are choosing to return to their home country

Why some foreign-born researchers choose to return home

Career growth, cultural and familial connections draw scientists home...

Research Areas: People & Society

science and engineering doctoral statistics now track international components

International mobility among U.S. doctorate recipients

Among foreign graduates who do not return home, nearly 90 percent remain in the U.S. ...

Research Areas: People & Society, Education

foreign institutions play a large role in the baccalaureate education of u.s.-trained science and engineering doctoral recipients

The origins of science and engineering doctorates

Private colleges play important role in science and engineering doctoral path ...

Research Areas: People & Society, Education

the bureau of economic analysis now treats research and development as an investment

U.S. R&D activities as economic investments

Gross domestic product calculations now include R&D...

Research Areas: People & Society

image and schematic show how the human brain analyzes biological motion

Distinguishing between animate and inanimate objects

Animacy judgments are governed by physical and biological constraints...

Research Areas: People & Society

interdisciplinary science grows stronger through structured discussions about how each practices science

Enhancing interdisciplinary science with philosophy

Interdisiplinary teams do better when they discuss how each discipline practices science...

Research Areas: People & Society

screen image of text interview on a mobile device

Better survey results through text messaging

Compared to voice interviews, text messaging provides higher quality data ...

Research Areas: People & Society

map shows density of Jewish-designated ghetto houses in budapest 1944

Understanding the spatial dimensions of the Holocaust

Maps created from geographic information systems show movement of Jews in Nazi-controlled Budapest...

Research Areas: People & Society

an application tracks flu outbreaks on a mobile device

Next-generation geospatial discovery

CyberGIS empowers data-intensive geospatial discovery and innovation...

Research Areas: People & Society

bilinguals switch languages with ease

Bilingual benefits: Switching language with ease

Simultaneous activation of two brain regions facilitates switching between languages...

Research Areas: People & Society

a visualization tool helps users track federal science investment in different areas over time

Visualizing trends in federal science investments

Detailed picture of large research portfolios now possible...

Research Areas: People & Society

a researcher works with a !xuun speaker in namibia

Rare speech sounds discovered in African languages

Unusual click consonants in languages of Botswana and Namibia...

Research Areas: People & Society

researchers measure a person's stability when standing

What it takes to stand up straight

Body stabilization requires alignment of all joints along the body axis...

Research Areas: People & Society

brain images show correlation between visual and auditory sensory regions

Auditory processing network critical to remembering the timing of visual stimuli

Cognitive processing dynamically recruits various brain areas to succeed at a task...

Research Areas: People & Society

regional culture and a major university are keys to successful innovation economies

The role of innovation in regional economies

Regional culture and a major university contribute to innovation economy success...

Research Areas: People & Society

a section of the dubulay archeological site in guyana

The impact of early agricultural changes in Guyana

Findings suggest sustained human settlements over multiple millenia...

Research Areas: People & Society

a visualization of multiple parameters used to understand tagging of patents

User-friendly patents

Innovative software describes inventions and how they relate to other technologies...

Research Areas: People & Society

cover of nsf report on youth violence

Understanding and preventing youth violence

NSF report discusses scientific approaches to understanding and preventing youth violence...

Research Areas: People & Society

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