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Mathematics is the natural language of science and engineering. It is about numbers, shapes, symmetry, chance, change and much more. Mathematics is deeply interwoven into all of modern life.

102 Award Highlights found :: Mathematics

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heatmaps show the difference in brain activity between being alone and holding hands

Reach out and touch someone

Brain images reveal social interaction reduces anxiety ...

Research Areas: People & Society, Mathematics

primes conference participants engage in discussion

Mathematics program PRIMES student problem-solving skills

High-school students attack real-world problems through MIT program...

Research Areas: Mathematics, Education

atmospheric vortices formed by wind flowing past the aleutian islands

Explaining the 3-D World in 2-D

Fluid flow analysis lends insights into the movement of physical phenomena...

Research Areas: Mathematics

rings on grid

Mathematical Modeling Uncovers Basic DNA Packing Principles

Advance could help researchers develop drugs to treat sleeping sickness...

Research Areas: Mathematics

graphs depict theories developed by abel prize winner endre szemeredi

Szemeredi Awarded Abel Prize

Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters recognizes mathematician's contributions...

Research Areas: Mathematics, Education

computer simulation of material falling into a rotating black hole

Black Holes As Energy Sources

Simulations harness power from space...

Research Areas: Astronomy & Space, Mathematics

artist's rendering of the measurement of the kinematic sunyaev-zel'dovich effect

Validating an Astrophysical Speedometer

Astronomers directly measure the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect...

Research Areas: Astronomy & Space, Mathematics, Physics

map of the internet displays how web servers are located in the IPv4 addressing scheme

Snuffing Out Computer Worms

Detection strategies take aim at computer worms that colonize...

Research Areas: Mathematics, Computing

electrical bursting recorded from a pituitary cell

Turning Hormones On and Off

Mathematics helps to understand hormone secretion from pituitary cells...

Research Areas: Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry & Materials

flagella bundling in a viscous fluid

Nanomachines Based on Bacteria

Microbe movement offers model for artificial nano-swimmers...

Research Areas: Nanoscience, Mathematics, Biology

high-speed imaging of a sneeze

The Dynamics of Disease Transmission

High-speed imaging reveals the flows behind coughs and sneezes...

Research Areas: Mathematics, Biology

3-D image of bone's support structure

A More Accurate Diagnosis of Osteoporosis

Ultrasound offers safe, inexpensive approach to detect bone thinning...

Research Areas: Mathematics, Biology, Engineering

cyanobacterial mats in Octopus Spring, Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone Microbes Under Scrutiny

Oxygen-producing germs give clues about changing geophysical conditions...

Research Areas: Mathematics, Earth & Environment, Biology

cartoon of kid juggling numbers in the air

Helping Young Children View the World Through a Math Lens

Building Blocks is designed to help children better understand the language of mathematics and learn early math skills...

Research Areas: Education, Mathematics

different tracks depict various Schrodinger equations

Visualizing Physical Phenomena

Schroedinger's equation and the geometry of vehicle tracks...

Research Areas: Mathematics, Physics

MRC participants work on a computing project

Mentoring Mathematicians

New collaborations grow from Mathematics Research Communities program ...

Research Areas: Mathematics, Education

young women in the SWIM program

SWIM Program Produces STEM Results

Workshop encourages high-school girls to pursue math careers...

Research Areas: Education, Mathematics

collage of fractal tree, tree image and water tunnel

Fractal Trees and Wind Turbulence

Fractal elements enhance accuracy of turbulence models...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment, Mathematics

screen shot of detective game for kids

Beyond Secret Decoder Rings

Middle school students learn about math and cryptography in afterschool program ...

Research Areas: Education, Mathematics

smooth transluscent plastic in wave or stepped pattern

Creating Smooth Images From Coarse Data

Success in this endeavor could greatly improve data compression schemes, noise removal methods and sensing systems....

Research Areas: Mathematics, Computing

data sets

Drawing Better Conclusions From Noisy Data

Mathematical models help solve problems when scientific data is incomplete or unreliable. ...

Research Areas: Mathematics

planets in space

When Celestial Monsters Collide

Simulations give details of black holes collisions....

Research Areas: Mathematics, Astronomy & Space

abstract image of gravity

Rethinking Quantum Mechanics

Is a classical observer necessary to make sense of quantum mechanics?...

Research Areas: Physics, Mathematics

microscope image of extruded material

Better Extrusion Means Better Manufacturing

Math modeling holds the key to manufacturing breakthroughs....

Research Areas: Mathematics, Engineering

Ultrafast speech recognition technologies in a single small appliance

Identifying Speech With Blazing Speed

Novel computing hardware implements fastest-ever speech recognizer...

Research Areas: Computing, Mathematics

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