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NSF’s investment in computing-related research supports advances that will provide for a more powerful wired and wireless Internet and one that is more reliable, secure and trustworthy. Sensors and sensor networks projects are exploring the fundamental principles and technologies needed to create systems for monitoring the environment for pollutants, bioterrorism threats or imminent earthquakes.

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an illustration of a kidney during a live donor transplant

Reducing the wait for kidney transplants

Computer model could improve geographic distribution of transplants ...

Research Areas: Engineering, Computing

the structure of a qr code antenna

QR code antennas supply wireless security protection

Design thwarts counterfeiting...

Research Areas: Computing

the idea fan deck app product team

iPhone app spins in

Entrepreneurs transform problem-solving tool into an app with a little help from student strategists ...

Research Areas: Education, Computing

a designer sculpts a waterway in the sand using an augmented-reality sandbox

No ordinary sandbox

Augmented-reality sandbox generates interest in geography and geology...

Research Areas: Education, Computing

map shows assessment scores based on a community's vulnerability to natural hazards

Protecting communities, saving lives

Robust model assesses hazard risk for local communities...

Research Areas: Computing, People & Society

a wikipedia-based language system provides definitions, synonyms and translations

Wikipedia and the meaning of words

Online encyclopedia used to help computer systems find the meaning of words...

Research Areas: Computing, People & Society

divvy app groups images of the same object in a 2-d scatter plot

'Divvy' app opens up machine learning

Open source app shares algorithms quickly and easily ...

Research Areas: People & Society, Computing

fear plays a role in ability to cope with cyberattacks

Fear of phishing diminishes ability to choose the best safeguard

Optimistic older adults surpass peers and younger adults when it comes to identifying phishing messages ...

Research Areas: People & Society, Computing

the blue waters petascale supercomputer

Putting Blue Waters to work

Supercomputer strengthens U.S. research infrastructure...

Research Areas: Computing

the sherlock supercomputer

Sherlock unravels complex networks of data

Specialized computer simultaneously analyzes large chunks of information ...

Research Areas: Computing

arman bilge with a poster that explains his computer project

A boy and the BEAST

High-school student maps movement of AIDS virus with molecular sequencing software...

Research Areas: Computing, Education

a patient-specific geometric model and mesh of human veins with implanted medical device

Virtual human bodies guide vascular therapy

Patient-specific models test medical device effectiveness...

Research Areas: Computing, Engineering

pie chart shows rate of cancel orders for stocks

Computing the effects of Wall Street's flash crash

NSF-supported supercomputers speed analysis of trading activity...

Research Areas: Computing

a handwritten census form

Retrieving digitized data from the U.S. Census

Framework provides searchable access to digitized documents...

Research Areas: Computing

the stampede supercomputer is one of the most powerful in the world

Stampede expands NSF's supercomputing power

Petascale computer accelerates study of scientific and engineering challenges...

Research Areas: Computing

model shows maximum water envelope for a hypothetical category 1 storm headed toward miami

Leasing space in the clouds

Software tools run complex simulations in cloud computing environment...

Research Areas: Computing

a simulation of some of the first galaxies to form in the universe

Pop star pressures

Scientists show how radiation pressure regulates star formation...

Research Areas: Computing, Astronomy & Space

coral health atlas interactive map

Mapping coral health in Hawaii

Interactive atlas gives access to coral health data in the Hawaiian archipelago ...

Research Areas: Computing, Biology

a sample screen from quantum's braille tutor

Braille Learning on Demand

Artificial intelligence software helps the blind and visually impaired learn Braille...

Research Areas: Engineering, Computing

the kraken supercomputer

Big Computer Power

Many computers working together ease processing needs ...

Research Areas: Computing

data manager installs hardware

Making the Connection for Climate Studies

Computer upgrades enhance cyberinfrastructure and enable remote access...

Research Areas: Earth & Environment, Computing

home screen for tick app and example of an eastern u.s. tick species

An App for Tick Identification

Free App identifies different tick species and ways to protect against them ...

Research Areas: Biology, Computing

six piece of furniture including one nearly hidden

Robot Vision Goes 3-D

Computer model helps robots see the world as humans do...

Research Areas: People & Society, Computing

man cupping hand to mouth to be heard as he shouts

Early Warning System for Scientific Breakthroughs

The Action Science Explorer gives users the power to see hundreds of publications at once, finding hot topics, key papers and leading investigators....

Research Areas: Computing

graduate student working on arctic ocean modeling

International Arctic Ocean Modeling

U.S. and China partner to advance modeling of polar waters...

Research Areas: Polar, Computing

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