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Center for Green Materials Chemistry -- Phase I

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CCI Phase I: Center for Green Materials Chemistry  (Oregon State University)

Research Focus & Anticipated Benefits

The Center for Green Materials Chemistry is a Phase I Center for Chemical Innovation sponsored by the National Science Foundation. The Center is a growing collaboration pursuing the study and design of environmentally benign chemistry platforms for the fabrication of high-performance inorganic electronic devices. The Center seeks to revolutionize device fabrication for applications spanning the space from large-area displays and electronics to nanoscale integrated circuits.

Research and education activities are tightly integrated to advance the cycle of innovation. By partnering with industry, national labs, and leading academic institutions, the Center is helping to create new technologies, while protecting the environment and educating a new generation of scientists.

Education & Outreach

The Center strives to provide exceptional student education opportunities, while advancing science and technology research that is key to high-tech companies.

The focus is to broaden graduate student perspectives and opportunities through collaborative mentorships, while shortening the time to degree. Students begin their careers by taking a series of summer immersion courses in semiconductor processing. Over the past several years, graduate students have participated in industrial, teaching or national lab internships that help define many career paths, expand research opportunities, or discover a love for teaching.

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