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Center for Layered Polymeric Systems

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NSF Center for Layered Polymeric Systems  (Case Western Reserve University)

Research Focus & Anticipated Benefits

The Center for Layered Polymeric Systems (CLiPS) pursues an integrated program of research, innovation and education through the vehicle of a unique multi-layering process technology. The Center’s enabling technology will be a platform for advancing the nation’s science and technology agenda through development of new materials and materials systems.

The technology, know as “forced assembly,” allows for the layering of polymers using a special process for the fabrication thousands of alternating polymer layers. The thickness of these layers has reached nanometer sizes, allowing for unique optical, mechanical, transport, and structure properties in layered polymer films. The results of research at CLiPS could play an important role in diverse fields including optical data storage, laser welding/cutting, microfabrication, remote sensing for homeland security, data communication and display, healthcare, and low-light imaging systems that perform better and are more compact than before.

Education & Outreach

The Center for Layered Polymeric Systems (CLiPS) vision is to be the global leader for integration of research and education in polymer science and engineering. In order to accomplish this, CLiPS integrates its research with multi-level educational programs to stimulate and prepare American students to pursue professional careers with advanced degrees in polymer science and engineering. The multi-disciplinary resources of the Center are employed to develop focused programs that connect and educate a diverse range of American students from middle school through the PhD level.

For its youngest audience, CLiPS runs Future Science Stars, a program that introduces K-8 students to STEM fields through interactions with university faculty and students, and provides hands-on science learning experiences. CLiPS is also developing Tinkering Boxes and piloting them in public schools to complement science teaching using inquiry-based learning experiences. Undergraduate and graduate students from multiple disciplines and organizations such as the National Society of Black Engineers and the Women in Science & Engineering Roundtable have helped to develop the Tinkering Boxes. At the Austin Children’s Museum, Science Sundays reach over 1000 visitors yearly. CLiPS helps with content planning for new exhibits, participates in teaching and trains museum staff in making sophisticated STEM concepts accessible.

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Center for Layered Polymeric Systems