About Notifications and Requests

Notifications and requests communicate changes in the scope, time, staff or budget of an NSF funded project. Depending on the type of change, recipient organizations must notify or request approval from NSF prior to taking action. Depending on the type of notifications or requests, they can be created and submitted by either the Principal Investigators (PIs) and/or Sponsored Project Offices (SPOs). 

Please see the Proposal & Award Policies & Procedures Guide (PAPPG) for additional information: 

All notification and request functionality is now in Research.gov and accessible from the Notifications & Requests link under Awards & Reporting on the Research.gov homepage after signing into Research.gov. All notifications and requests submitted in FastLane were transferred to Research.gov.

TypeNotification or RequestPolicy Reference  Location
Budget Activities
Additional categories of participant support costs other than those described in 2 CFR § 200.75 (such as incentives, gifts, souvenirs, t-shirts and/or memorabilia)RequestPAPPG (II.D.2.f(v))Research.gov

Change in Person-Months Devoted to Project



RequestPAPPG (VII.B.2.b)Research.gov
Pre-award Costs in Excess of 90 calendar daysRequestPAPPG (X.A.2.b)Research.gov
Reallocation of Funds Provided for Participant Support CostsRequestPAPPG (II.D.2.f(v))Research.gov
Rearrangement/Reconversion costs in excess of $25,000RequestPAPPG (XI.C)Research.gov
Salaries of Administrative or Clerical StaffRequestPAPPG (II.D.2.f(i)(b))Research.gov
Travel Costs for DependentsRequestPAPPG (II.D.2.f(iv))Research.gov
No-Cost Extension
Grantee-Approved No-Cost ExtensionNotification

PAPPG (VI.D.3.c(i))



First NSF-Approved No-Cost Extension        RequestPAPPG (VI.D.3.c(ii)(a)Research.gov
Second NSF-Approved No-Cost ExtensionRequestPAPPG (VI.D.3.c(ii)(b))Research.gov
Changes in Objectives, Scope, or Methodology or other Significant Changes
Changes in Objectives or ScopeRequestPAPPG (VII.F.1.c)Research.gov
Significant Changes/Delays or Events of Unusual InterestNotificationPAPPG (VII.B.1.c)Research.gov
Significant Changes in Methods/ProceduresNotificationPAPPG (VII.B.1.b)Research.gov
Changes in PI, co-PI or Person-Months Devoted to the Project at the Initiation of the Recipient Organization
Long-Term Disengagement of the PI or co-PIRequestPAPPG (VII.B.2.a)Research.gov
PI or co-PI Transfer from one organization to anotherRequestPAPPG (VII.B.2.f)Research.gov
Substitute (Change) PI or co-PIRequestPAPPG (VII.B.2.e)Research.gov
Withdrawal of PI or co-PIRequestPAPPG (VII.B.2.d)Research.gov
Post-award Disclosure of Current Support and In-Kind Contribution Information
Post-award Disclosure of Current Support and In-Kind Contribution InformationRequestPAPPG  (IX.C)Research.gov
Annual and Final Cost Share Notification by RecipientNotificationPAPPG (VII.C)Research.gov
Conflicts of Interest that cannot be satisfactorily managed, reduced or eliminated and research that proceeds without the imposition of conditions or restrictions when a conflict of interest existsNotification



Subawarding, Transferring or Contracting Out Part of an NSF AwardRequest

PAPPG (II.D.2.f(vi)(e))


Other RequestRequestPAPPG (X.A.3)Research.gov