Proposal Preparation and Submission

About Proposal Preparation and Submission

The Proposal Submission System modernizes proposal preparation and submission capabilities by improving the user experience while also reducing administrative burden through an intuitive interface and expanded automated proposal compliance checking. NSF is transitioning all preparation and submission functionality for new proposals from FastLane to when the Proposal & Award Policies & Procedures Guide (PAPPG) (NSF 23-1) goes into effect in January 2023. proposal preparation and submission capabilities have been developed incrementally, and is very near the point where it can support all of FastLane's proposal preparation and submission tasks. Please see NSF Important Notice 147: Implementation Update   issued September 22, 2020, for additional information. continues to be an option for the preparation and submission of most types of NSF proposals.

Access the Proposal Submission System

Explore the Proposal Preparation Demo Site

Why Prepare Proposals in
  • Fast and easy Proposal Setup Wizard
  • Quickly find funding opportunities, initiate a proposal, and give access to administrative staff
  • Expanded compliance checking (View compliance checks  )
  • Immediate compliance feedback upon proposal section upload
  • PDF uploads are not altered
  • Minimizes the Return without Review of proposals due to some formatting issues
  • On-screen references to relevant sections of the PAPPG
  • Better management of personnel and subawards
  • Improved performance and less system downtime
Help NSF Build and Refine the New System

NSF strongly encourages the research community to use for proposal preparation and submission now, to facilitate the completion of the transition from FastLane to As NSF continues to enhance and refine the new system, vital feedback from the community helps ensure the system is working as intended and to identify areas of improvement.

There are multiple ways to provide feedback and stay informed: