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The Proposal & Award Policies & Procedures Guide (PAPPG) requires that all recipient organizations submit a Program Income Reporting Sheet. Starting October 1st all recipient organizations must report the amount of program income earned and expended as of September 30th each year. Recipient organizations will be required to submit the Program Income Reporting Sheet by November 15th in order to report the amount of program income earned and expended as of the end of the previous Federal fiscal year.

Program income is gross income earned by the recipient organization that is directly generated by a supported activity or earned as a result of NSF-funding. This would include things such as fees for services performed, the use or rental of real or personal property acquired under the award, the sale of commodities or items fabricated under the award, and license fees. Interest earned on advances of Federal funds is not program income.

Program Income Reporting Worksheet

Reporting Period: Inception through September 30th
Worksheet Submission Due Date: Every November 15th
Worksheet Submission Email: Attach worksheet (Excel format only. PDFs not accepted.) and submit to
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Download the PAB Grant Related FAQ
1. Download the Program Income Reporting Worksheet at the top of the Program Income page.
2. Complete the following sections at the top left of the worksheet:
      1. Organization Name: Enter your organization's name
      2. NSF Organization ID: Enter your organization's NSF ID (10 characters)
      3. State: Enter your organization's state abbreviation code (e.g., VA)
      4. Reporting Period: Pre-populated by NSF
3. Only list your NSF awards that earned program income. If no awards have program income, skip to Step 8.
Note: Only include awards that were active, based upon the start and expiration date, during the most recently completed Federal fiscal year.
4. For each award listed, enter the cumulative amount of program income earned since the start of the award. Please note, program income does not include:
     1. Interest earned on deposit,
     2. Royalties from patents and copyrights,
     3. And is not your total draw down amount requested for any given period.
5. You must also determine the type of program income reported based on award terms and conditions and enter into the appropriate column. The type of program income reported is either additive or deductive. See NSF PAPPG Chapter VIII.D.4. for definitions. Then enter the cumulative program income earned in the applicable column.
Note: If the additive column is completed, then there can be no value other than zero or null in the deductive column, and visa versa.
6. Unexpended program income will be automatically calculated and displayed.
7. Finally, you can add remarks, if necessary.
8. Below the table, you will need to select the applicable statement for your organization:
      1. There was no program income to report; or
      2. Program income is being expended for the purpose and conditions of the award(s) listed.
9. After selecting the applicable statement, you must fill in the section found at the bottom of the report:
      1. Name of Certifying Official
      2. Title of Certifying Official
      3. Certifying Officials' Phone Number
      4. Certifying Official's Email Address
You have now completed the Program Income Reporting Worksheet. Please send the completed file as an email attachment to:

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