Projects Report Demo Site

The Projects Report demo site provides NSF awardees (specifically Principal Investigators (PIs), co-PIs, and Sponsored Project Office staff) the opportunity to explore preparing, submitting, and reviewing NSF project reports using

What should I know when using the Projects Report Demo Site?

  • Not all functionality available in is available in the demo site, including:
    • Project Outcomes Reports
    • Previously submitted reports will not be accessible
    • Submission confirmation emails will not get sent
    • The search performed against Thompson Web of Science will only produce sample results
    • The Check Report Completeness link will produce a sample list of missing information (will not display missing fields from the demo report).
    • For additional information on available functions, click here.
  • The demo site has blank example reports for you to prepare as well as returned report examples
  • Updates you make to the example reports will be saved but can be overwritten by other user sessions, and the example reports are reset nightly

Where else can I get help with NSF project reports?